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Journal squiggleslash's Journal: Why 2

I've written about who I want to win tomorrow and why here (insecure link for browsers that get upset about crappy certs here.) Note the emphasis is on who I want to win rather than who I want to beat the guy I want to lose. 'cos for the first time in a very long time that's how I feel.
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  • Since Slashdot rules prohibit me from reading before posting, I'm going to have to say that agree with you based on what I know of your previous posts. So I too will be writing in "Dr. Janus." ;-)
  • In a recent speech given to the American Israeli Political Action Committee, Obama outlines a plan for U.S. hegemony. He suggests polarizing political alignments that are already breeding anti-U.S. sentiment.
    Specifically, Obama pledges unfaltering military support to Israel. The U.S. has long supported Israel - this year they were given $30 billion for defense. To put this in perspective, less than $7 billion has been federally granted to rebuild homes destroyed after hurricane Katrina. Although the U.S. ha

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