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Comment Re: So just ban bitcoin (Score 1) 56

Bitcoin will make it harder to collect ransoms - which is the weak part of any blackmail or ransom scheme. That alone will put an end to a lot of those ransom demands - because they can't collect. The clampdown on money exchanges such as Western Union, which takes any old fake ID as proof, no matter how phony it looks, is another step forward.

If you choke off the flow of money, you won't even have to follow the money.

Comment Re:I reckon (Score 1) 254

RAII is wrong. It's sloppy. Stop drinking the kool-aid. And I stopped using valgrind a couple of months after I started using it. Write code properly, you don't need valgrind or ANY other memory leak detectors. Also, valgrind introduces bugs because it changes the running of your program, especially multi-threaded code. I never used any sort of garbage collection or STL classes in c++ - I alloc(), I free(), and f*ck new and delete. Not needed, same as templates, same as all the modern build tools, the whole "we have a problem to solve that no language solves, so let's invent yet another language", shit like ruby, the gazillion javascript libraries, etc.

Call me when your *nix OS is written in c++ - then we'll talk.

Comment Re: Sad to see Trump... (Score 1) 184

And how were Obama and Clinton (either one) any better. Bill Clinton killed off Glass-Steagall - a real gift to Wall Street. Obama was too chickenshit to beat up on insurance companies, especially since he (and every other politician) needed the donations, so let's give them huge public subsidies instead of creating a single-payer system like other modern countries have. Hillary was seen as Obama's 3rd term - so more of the same.

Jimmy Carter was right - the US is an oligarchy, same as Russia.

Comment Re:Security expert? (Score 1) 352

I've had my dogs, which I value a hell of a lot more than any laptop, returned to me twice even though they don't have name tags. Being friendly with everyone in the neighborhood is better protection than any security system. And, as I said, I haven't been robbed in 35 years of leaving my doors unlocked. Again, be friendly with your neighbors.

Comment Re: Sad to see Trump... (Score 2) 184

Spending LESS on education would be better. The cost of education has been way over the cost of inflation for a couple of decades - cut the fat, the stupidity, the mickey mouse courses, the diploma mills, the fat, the fat, the fat - there is no reason education costs should have been so crazy - except of course, the more subsidies and grants students get, the easier it is to charge more.

As for what type of jobs to train for? One certainty is NOT in STEM - it's only a matter of time before AI learns how to write AI code. AI will be doing the exploration in science, tech, engineering, and math - not humans.

Comment Re:Free market unleashed (Score 1) 184

In fact, here in Texas we do this tax abatements and subsidies all the time at the state, county and city levels of government and have successfully attracted some pretty big employers to the area with tens of thousands of jobs. Take a look at Texas' unemployment numbers of you doubt this works, also look at the state's budget surplus if you doubt it is good for the economy.

The problem is, you eventually run out of other people's money to give to corporations.

I live in Texas, too. That budget surplus, though. It has its downside:

Comment Re:Where's the president (Score 1) 135

Trump is actually very left-leaning on gays and lesbians, transsexuals, and abortion. What he says now and what he's done in the past are contradictory. I'd say actions speak louder than words. Like all politicians, he says whatever he has to to get elected. It's also why he's labeled a RINO - Republican In Name Only.

Comment An education costs a $200 laptop and free wifi (Score 1) 468

If you think the only education you can get to lift you out of a low paying job is a college degree then your worldview is the first thing that needs a correction through education.

Poor people like to demand that others walk a mile in their shoe because it'd be too much work to walk a mile in the shoes of those who lifted themselves out of poverty.

A $200 laptop and free wifi at McDonald's will give you all the education you need to work your way up to a livable wage.

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