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Comment Downloadable version for which OS? (Score 1) 93

A button where I can download it and play it locally.

Would it be acceptable if the downloadable version of a web application required you to run a webserver on localhost in order to serve the JavaScript files to your browser? Or if you meant a downloadable native app, for which operating system should this native app be produced?

Would it be acceptable if the play button is available without charge but requires JavaScript to use, and the download button works without JavaScript but requires payment to obtain? Or what am I missing?

Comment Re:Please (Score 1) 59

They say it was a boring job, but for sure he had to have some holographic internet porn to watch, like Geordi did. See what happens when you're locked up in a tiny vessel like that? This is another reason I doubt that long term space travel is practical. From the looks of things today, even the earth might not be big enough.

Comment Re:because it's universal (Score 1) 391

Yeah, but to claim they didn't see the open blueprints really is a stretch. The engineers weren't exactly sequestered during the development, or were they? It just sound weird. But, it's all ancient history now. I just see this as another example of how people spend more energy on obstruction than on actual work.

As far as the headphone jack is concerned, maybe somebody can reinvent the wheel with a universal magnetic/induction coupler, since MagSafe is still under patent. It's probably harder to do that in a "clean room" than the bios though, but one less hole in the case can't be a bad thing.

From a wiki:
Apple owns US Patent No. 7311526 ("Magnetic connector for electronic device", issued in 2007) and does not license the MagSafe connector or the patent

Is this one of those things where compulsory licensing would come in handy? They could still be allowed to collect a reasonable royalty from it. And I wouldn't have to be such an absolutist on the abolition of copyright/patent because of its inherent obstructionism.

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