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Comment Re:As opposed to? (Score 1) 25

I will point out that the GOP pretty well took control of the meaning of "Un-American" and applied it to everything they didn't like starting on Sept 12 2001

No no no. American conservatives have been calling American liberals all kinds of traitorous names since the late 40s. This has been going on the entire modern era.

The democrats wrote it to make the Heritage Foundation happy

Also incorrect. As I've pointed out numerous times, health care reform was a major topic of discussion during both of W's terms, as it was clearly understood that the current health system (both government and private) were headed for disaster. You then "lucked" out that Obama came in 2008 with an idea to make it his signature legislation. As for Obacamare being a lightly remixed version of The Heritage Foundation plan everyone loves talking about, they couldn't be more different.

Comment Why buy SSD when you can get higher capacity IDE? (Score 1) 51

All new storage technologies start with a significant price premium vs established technology.

$77 and 32GB is not intended for photos and videos (which is all consumers think about), they're intended for servers which need high speed but not a great deal of storage space per drive. $2 per GB is roughly what we saw with SSD when they first came out.

For someone running a home server, these drives are a feasible replacement for their existing database and web storage to get much better performance.

For commercial providers, these are going to start replacing SSDs in RAID arrays as the capacities go up.

Comment Re:Good (Score 1) 158

I personally *despise* the episodic model. I'm all for the serialized one, and in fact, except Netflix's offerings, the serialized versions found on networked shows pale in comparison (in terms of serialization that is). I'm one of those people who really enjoyed the serializing nature of LOST (minus the disastrous 6th season). I absolutely never watch episodic television. I find it cheap, and non-artistic. In a perfect world, I'd like most TV shows (not all, but most) to end in 3 seasons: beginning-middle-end. And each season to comprise from 6-9 episodes: beginning-middle-end. Like a book.

Comment Intel is blowing (Score 2) 51

Smoke. Total and complete nonsense. Why would I want to buy their over-priced octane junk verses a Samsung 951* or 960* NVMe drive? Far more storage for around $115-$130, 1.4 GBytes/sec consistent read performance, decent write performance, and decent durability.

P.S. the Intel 600P NVMe drive is also horrid, don't buy it.


Comment Re: no thanks (Score 1) 334

Citation provided.

Sorry the bias is the EXACT OPPOSITE of what you think, because,contrary to what every rightwinger believe -corporate media is biased towards the corporate friendly party. The mainstream media is all rightwing biased. Fox's difference is that they are pro-CRAZY biased the others are not, they are just conservative biased. Old style conservative, like Reagan/Eisenhower conservative... whose policies of course would be labelled "extreme leftwing socialism" by the likes of you today.

Comment Re:Reminds me of a conversation with a colleague (Score 2) 215

Tribalism is a massive problem because we (the west) didn't give any consideration to tribal boundaries when we carved the Middle East and Africa into "colonies"

I always figured the west paid great consideration to it, then purposfully split things up to cause the maximal problems.

Tribalism isn't even the biggest problem -- we've continually interfered in the building of power structures in the quest for cheap mineral resources for our countries' companies.

There's dumping too. The we heavily subsidise agriculture (this is something I'm fine with btw, for strategic reasons), but then fuck over anyone who tries t oput substantial tarriffs on so their local industry isn't destroyed (not something I'm fine with).

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