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Comment Re:The problem is? (Score 1) 78

It's harder to enter the country illegally, so it's harder to hire people illegally, so you buy robots cuz people on welfare won't do the job. I fail to see the problem, outside of the "people on welfare" part.

You fail to see it because your buried in your own bullshit. Companies don't want to pay minimum wage for someone to pick fruits and vegetables. Why the hell do you think these companies employ illegal immigrants in the first place?

And even if they did, only a small segment of the population can even do it. You have to be young, strong, and healthy to carry 100 pounds sacks of apples up and down a ladder 10 hours a day. And to even make minimum wage, you're talking about moving literally tons of produce (you're paid by the pound/bushel/etc. not by the hour). Of course, you don't get benefits or insurance either. You fall off a ladder and now you're under a pile of medical debt as well as losing your job.

It's a transient shit job that pays less than a wal-mart greeter with even less benefits. THAT'S why people don't want to do it.

Comment Re:Half way there (Score 1) 85

This. I see loads of jobs in London, Oxford, Reading and other big cities that pay about the same as I get now, but housing costs are 3-4x as much.

Either we need a massive housing crash, prices down at least 50%, or we need £100k entry level developer salaries.

Until recently they were able to find EU migrants willing to put up with living in a shed, but with Brexit that supply is drying up.

Comment Re:You're outsourcing the jobs! Then you complain! (Score 1) 85

I've noticed in the UK that a lot of jobs are just six month contacts. No stability, no benefits and pay barely above salary level. I guess maybe they were getting EU people to fill those roles, at least before Brexit started.

That said there is a genuine shortage of skills in my field. Diving natives away from the UK certainly won't help.

Comment Re:Bleep this (Score 2) 33

(Fucking salt lamps, really? I knew people were stupid, but come on)

One of my neighbors got a salt lamp for Christmas and put it on the curb for garbage pickup by New Year's Eve. I saw it when I was walking the dog and snatched it up. I was hoping to wrap it again and re-gift it to someone as a gag, but my wife saw it and plugged it in. Now it sits as a night light on the counter in the hallway going to the bathroom. True story.

I don't know about any health benefits, but it is strangely attractive. A light bulb inside a lump of salt. Who would've thunk it?

Comment rms explained why the W3C can't ditch DRM (Score 1) 43

Richard M. Stallman (rms, widely known as the founder of the GNU Project and frequent lecturer speaking for software freedom, the freedom to control one's computers by having the freedom to run, inspect, share, and modify the code they run) explained why the W3C can't get away from DRM ("digital handcuffs") starting around 11m40s into the interview. Around 15m16s rms pointed out why the W3 is structurally incapable of challenging DRM:

He [Tim Berners-Lee] should handle it by saying 'no' but he can't, really, and the reason is he set up an organization by the businesses that want to put in the most money. And that basically tells Hollywood, "Here's your opportunity! Turn us into your tool!". That's what the W3 has become: a tool for the businesses that will pay it the money."

Comment Re:You were hired to work for THEM (Score 1) 363

I recently did some work on my open source bootloader and open source utility library during work hours. I then used them in a work project. Saved the company a lot of time, paying me to re-implement those things by just making a few improvements and fixes to my existing code.

I do that fairly often. No point re-inventing the wheel and we already use some other GPL/BSD code anyway.

It's part of the value I bring.

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