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Comment Re:I don't recall ever using it... (Score 1) 806

Caps lock sucks unless you need it (I see a lot of old systems like the ones used by airport ticketing agents that seem to like all caps...capslock is probably cheaper than rewriting some ancient mainframe code to work with lowercase)

What is wrong with the windows key though? I love that thing. It was intended to be used for universal OS level shortcuts (I guess sort of like SysRq but more fun). Things like windows-l to lock the screen (works on ubuntu too) and any custom shortcuts you may want to define since you won't have to worry about fighting with application specific shortcut keys.

Just pressing it brings up the start menu...on my ubuntu netbook, I have the windows key set to swap between the open windows and the NBR launcher. I use it most frequently though for the lock screen function and to control winamp--I have win-z through win-v bound as global hotkeys for previous/stop/playpause/next (it is wonderful and works from within games)

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