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Submission + - Is it worth going for a graduate degree in the middle of your career? 2

spiffmastercow writes: After nearly a decade of professional software development, my desire to work on something more interesting than business applications has pushed me toward looking into going back to school. I'd like to go into a graduate program for Computer Science, but I need to weigh my options very carefully. Is a Ph.D. a near-guarantee of a spot in a skunkworks type of job (MS Research and the like)? Is a MS just as good for this? How does the "letter of recommendation" requirement work if you haven't kept in touch with your professors?

Submission + - Finding development work in another country

spiffmastercow writes: I'm an experienced software developer who is fed up with the US, and would like to move my family to another country, preferably one where English is commonly spoken. What are some good resources for finding a job in another country prior to actually moving? How easily might I acquire relocation assistence? Are there any major pitfalls I should be aware of?

Submission + - How to deal with a boss who is a bully? 2

spiffmastercow writes: Last week I got a new project manager who has been more than a little abrasive. My first conversation with him involved a condescending quiz on how an n-tier architecture worked, and my second conversation with him involved him ordering me to rewrite a code generator because I had not written it in his language of choice. He makes it a point to publicly deride members of my team in meetings, and complaining about code that he's "too busy" to actually look at. How have you dealt with this situation?

Submission + - Computer Science Master's -- M.C.S or M.S.? 3

spiffmastercow writes: After discovering that my Computer Science BS basically only qualifies me to code web apps (at least in the eyes of employers), I have decided to go back to school for a Master's. I have two options available to me: an online M.C.S degree program (associated with a brick and mortar school), or an Applied Mathmatics M.S. degree from a local school, where I will have to take about a year and a half of classes just to meet the entrance requirements. So my question is. do employers care about the difference between M.C.S. and M.S.? Is the M.C.S. a detriment if I decide to continue on to get a Ph.D.?

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