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Comment Re:Sudden Peace? (Score 1) 1067

(Note that Hamas is not the only group firing rockets - even Fatah do it just to keep a hand in).

how can you say that so casually? you're tone makes it seem that firing rockets into populated cities in israel is just the normal, natural thing to do! how is this not repugnant to you?

...number of rockets and mortars fired from Gaza fell from 518 a month to 12 a month.

wow, someone give them a cookie! down to only 12 mortar / rocket attacks a month? assinine! any quantity of attacks above zero is unacceptable. do you think any city, ANYWHERE in europe or united states or russia would permit 12 mortar attacks a month? no, not for a moment.

Comcast Discloses Throttling Practices 206

Wired reports that Comcast finally provided information on its network management practices late Friday. In a report to the FCC (PDF), the cable company admitted to targeting P2P protocols Ares, BitTorrent, eDonkey, FasTrack, and Gnutella. Quoting: "For each of the managed P2P protocols, the [Sandvine Policy Traffic Switch] monitors and identifies the number of simultaneous unidirectional uploads that are passed from the [Cable Modem Termination System] to the upstream router. Because of the prevalence of P2P traffic on the upstream portion of our network, the number of simultaneous unidirectional upload sessions of any particular P2P protocol at any given time serves as a useful proxy for determining the level of overall network congestion. For each of the protocols, a session threshold is in place that is intended to provide for equivalently fair access between the protocols, but still mitigate the likelihood of congestion that could cause service degradation for our customers."

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