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Patch Tuesday — IE7 Clean 75

jginspace writes "As per the advance notification, Microsoft's monthly security bulletin, released yesterday, addressed five general Windows issues and one in Visual Studio. It also included a fix for a problem in Outlook Express for a total of seven updates. As patch Tuesdays go it was fairly unremarkable. The only general Windows update labeled 'critical' is for a flaw in Media Player. As usual, there's a cumulative update for Internet Explorer, but significantly, the only versions of IE affected are 5 and 6. Version 7 is clean — which is welcome news in this first update since the upgrade was pushed to the world last month. Microsoft was silent on the two zero-day Word holes, one reported here and a new one. Sans is calling this 'Black Tuesday' and recommends patches be applied urgently for the Visual Studio and Media Player vulnerabilities. Sans is recommending the Heise Offline Update utility covered in a previous story."

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