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Feed Engadget: Bluetooth headset helps foil Wendy's robbery (

Filed under: Cellphones, Peripherals, Wireless

An armed robbery at a Columbus, Ohio Wendy's restaurant on Wednesday morning was thwarted mid-progress, partly due to an employee's Bluetooth headset automatically answering a call because of the robber screaming at her to do just the opposite. We've all learned to live with the wonky voice command features in our headsets and handsets, but on this occasion it actually turned out to be a benefit, as 35-year-old Keith Allen Sturgill's screams to NOT pick up an incoming call actually opened the connection, while the parolee and his three hostages waited for the safe to unlock before customers arrived . The caller, a friend of the employee who worked at a nearby bank, heard the screaming and called police, who were eventually able to talk Sturgill into surrendering -- but not before he had "rammed the gun to his own forehead until he bled," as you can see from his mugshot. Luckily for the habitual offender, he'll soon be back in a familiar place where neither cellphones nor their many accessories will bother him for a very long time.

[Via UPI]

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Submission + - Physicists Wonder if Time is Slowing Down

Time Slows Down writes: "Scientists have come up with the radical suggestion that the universe's end may come not with a bang but a standstill — that time could be literally running out and could, one day, stop altogether. A decade ago, astronomers noticed that distant supernovae — exploding stars on the very fringes of the universe — seemed to be moving faster than those nearer to the center, suggesting that they were accelerating as they shot through space. One team of scientists says the appearance of acceleration my be caused by time itself gradually slowing down, like a clock that needs winding. If time is indeed slowing down, so that according to this new suggestion our solitary time dimension is slowly turning into a new space dimension, then the far-distant, ancient stars seen by cosmologists would, from our perspective, look as though they were accelerating. While the theory is outlandish some cosmologists believe the idea has merit. "We believe that time emerged during the Big Bang, and if time can emerge, it can also disappear — that's just the reverse effect," says Professor Gary Gibbons."

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