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Comment Re:Overloards (Score 1) 651

And BTW, thanks for calling my reply "stupid bullshit", it really illustrate just how much you hate it when people attack the arguer and how much you value opposing viewpoints. Just saying.

There's a difference between attacking the arguer alongside the argument and attacking only the arguer. You were doing the latter: the post was an ad hominem.

I gave my reasons criticising your position, and then in addition slung some dung at the class of argument you used. I didn't even mention you.

I only hate it when the arguer is exclusively criticised because it's a fallacy and I'm sick of hearing the same shit from grade school to government. But I haven't made that error here, and even if I had, my hypocrisy wouldn't make my arguing against it invalid. It would just make me annoying.

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