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Comment Science? (Score 1) 1136

There is no science for this myth of global warming and just calling it a new name doesn't make it right either. There is no way to take the data and say what the Earth's normal temperature should be. The only climate change we have is called SEASONS and every year it can be different. There Earth drifts a little bit closer to the Sun, a lot of volcanic activity, massive forest fires all of these have happened in the past affecting the climate and the Earth did pretty well to recover. For all of you so called global warming "scientists" out there drinking the blue cool aid and getting 10 seconds of fame on some news shows you are idiots now and forever more.

Comment Re:Republicans (Score 1) 353

No this has nothing to do with government regulations it has to do with the business practices the business is doing. Which is why the FCC stepped in. Comcast in their terms of agreement are too vague and too heavy handed. Comcast is using this to "say" they are trying to maintain the network bottom line is Comcast got caught with their hand in the cookie jar and now are trying to blame the government for stepping in hoping their customers have forgotten or gotten used to their business model. If Comcast wants to block certain content that is their prerogative BUT they must disclose this and stop selling "unlimited" services and then trying to pull a Bill Clinton and "define" unlimited in stupid ways.

Submission + - Apollo 11 Mission Coverage....LIVE!!!!!!

sparhawktn writes: Once again you can relive, or for most of us, live through the Apollo 11 Mission from launch to landing.

[quote]In honor of the 40th anniversary of the moon landing the John F. Kennedy Presidential Library and Museum has launched a new website. The goal of the website is to allow visitors to experience the Apollo 11 mission in real time. In fact, the website will go live at 9:32am on July 16th which is exactly 40 years to the minute after the historic launch.

The website is sponsored by the JFK Presidential Library and Museum[/quote]

Comment Re:ANY change? (Score 1) 86

Hrrm and that blocked out what? Oh THE SUN! Again any change is due to the Sun you are talking about a disaster what the general rule when people talk about any warming or cooling of the earth is the "evil man". Which is an untruth. Earth even changes the climate itself by slight variations in the orbit around the Sun. That was my point.
And the point of this article was that the possibility of the Milky Way impacting the Earth climate. Which is a ludicrous thing to even think about. I find it funny the mods liked your post and missed mine completely.

Comment Re:And? (Score 1) 543

Perhaps I'm just young. But, I have paid overdraw charges on checking accounts, and I'm sure you have too.

My comments were solely about credit cards. Bank accounts with over-draft fees are a completely different topic. I would be happy to discuss that line but in a different thread my comments do not pertain to bank accounts but to credit cards.

Maybe you should acknowledge that it is possible, at least in theory, to use credit cards to your advantage?

Absolutely not. I will not make that statement under any pretense. My points have not been made to change your mind on the matter nor will I change mine on this matter with your absurd comment. I am presenting a side where I have stated credit cards are bad.


Phoenix Mars Lander Updates 138

spandex_panda writes "There are a few pictures of the Mars Lander on the ground — you can see its parachute and its heat shield a few kilometers away, too. There's a very cool looking picture of it floating down, actually captured while it's in the air with its parachute out!" We also have a YouTube video all about the robot arm that will dig down and probably find a groundhog who we all hope will see his shadow.

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