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Comment Re:Absence of Evidence (Score 1) 807

This last one is where we run into problems. We really don't have them.

Well not really the numbers are made up and there is plenty of evidence from the emails that those so called scientist wanted the numbers to reflect what Al Gore and his hippies wanted to say.

In case you don't understand it is a pure political cause. Marxist/fascist wanting to rule the world with fear and terror.

If you go in with bad data you can make anything possible. Since there has been more than one real scientist to say the data does not make their observations it makes the whole of the climate argument false. Period. Full stop.

We have no evidence that what is happening isn't supposed to happen changes in the Sun's helo sphere, Earth's orbit, forest fires, volcanoes there is a lot going on on this great big blue marble.

Humanity is a pretty important part of life on this planet but honestly people are pretty insignificant, I point to the idiots screaming the sky is falling.. errr global warming as examples

Comment Re:Absence of Evidence (Score 1) 807

Yell louder and use more CaPItAL LEtteRS and people will take you seriously.

The one thing I miss about real science was the the ability for people to develop hypothesis's go out and test them with valid test and have others perform independent tests and everyone go back and look at the results and then if the results don't match the hypothesis you change the hypothesis go back and retest and review , retest and review until the data supports a hypothesis than then can be a theory and more testing and more reviewing. Kinda of crazy notion huh.

Comment Re:And? (Score 1) 543

Since always.

From http://www.m-w.com/
c: the provision of money, goods, or services with the expectation of future payment ; also : money, goods, or services so provided

I gain perks with my debt cards as well money back, and so forth. I can also track my purchases with my banks online account service. With the added plus there is no late charges, service fees, yearly membership or any interest if I missed a payment.

My wife and I have traveled with the debit card on vacations around the US. Paid for rooms, food, gas with no problems.

With a credit card you have to pay off your balance every time you can not miss a payment. I would hate to see what the intrest of "thousands of dollars of purchases" would be even at 8 1/2% much less the normal 14 - 21 % cards require you to pay.

Ours is simple we have the money we can buy it we don't have the money we don't. Credit cards are a crutch you get used to them and they will make you weak. You spend what you have and it makes you stronger. It isn't easy at first but it can be done.

Comment Re:And? (Score 1) 543

Yes the power company required an additional deposit but that was used to pay our first few bills. The cars were paid for with cash both were private purchases. We pay everything with our debit cards which is tied directly to the bank account. We have no credit cards at all. If we don't have the money we don't buy anything. so that means everything paycheck, I get paid once a month, we put a budget out of what we have coming in and what we need to spend. But we set priorities Food, shelter, basic utilities before anything else. It took a while to get where we are but we are not 100% debt free still have some old bills we need to address but we take care of the basics first. This is the website that we used to get where we are. It took a while and we had to make some hard choices. But it works. http://www.daveramsey.com/

Comment Re:And? (Score 3, Informative) 543

It works out just fine for us. My wife and I have no credit cards, no car payments ( have two paid for cars both cars > 8 years old ) and we currently are renting a nice 3br apartment. We have a credit score of 0. If people don't want our business we go somewhere else. It is pretty liberating paying for stuff with the money we have. Could we be doing better? Of course but we are leaving within our means and seriously this credit crunch has not hurt us at all.

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