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Comment Who own's first? (Score 1) 445

Bud: Fargo owns first mortgage
Bud: Fargo owns second mortgage
Bud: I don't know owns third mortgage
Lou: That's what I want to know who to sue first
Bud: Fargo!
Lou: Fargo owns second?
Bud: Fargo owns first.
Lou: I don't know
Bud: Third base!

*Apologizes to Bud Abbot and Lou Costello

Space Station Toilets Poop Out 207

otter42 writes "The International Space Station's toilet has gone kaput. It seems that the system for separating solid and liquid waste has developed a fault. 'Solids' go where they're supposed to, but 'liquids' don't. The astronauts have bypassed the '"the troublesome hardware" for urine collection with a "special receptacle."' Something tells me they're glad the failure wasn't the other way around." Update: 05/28 21:54 GMT by T : According to a post on Engadget, the toilet's now been repaired.

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