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Submission + - Researchers claim quantum computer breakthrough (abc.net.au)

sortius_nod writes: "Australian and international researchers say they have designed a tiny crystal able to run a quantum computer so powerful it would take a computer the size of the known universe to match it.

Details of the ion crystal, which is made up of just 300 atoms, are published in the journal Nature today by a team from Australia, South Africa and the United States."


Submission + - ANZ Bank uses Facebook to find defaulters (abc.net.au)

sortius_nod writes: It seems that bank staff here in Australia have taken it upon themselves to use Facebook to track down people who have defaulted on their credit cards. By the time the account was shut down (yesterday) this account had 80 friends. With all the problems that Facebook has had with privacy recently, stories like this do nothing to quell the discontent among users. While this is not Facebook's fault, it does highlight some of the problems that users do face with using such a service.

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