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Comment Re:Get a generic UVC 2MP webcam and a long USB cor (Score 2, Informative) 218

We have active USB repeaters. These cameras draw very little power. Some of the power is used to run the repeater.

Here's a list of some cheap ones you can use to 16 more feet:

And here's your 1000-foot USB extender:

Again, my goal is thinking how cheap can we keep it so that if things go horribly wrong we just shrug and try again. I have conventional NTSC Lorex and Q-see systems plus some NTSC camera cards but they're a pain in the neck. If you already know computers the UVC USB webcams give so much more picture resolution for so much less money and annoying CMOS camera headaches.

Also, you can install an infrared spotlight. These cameras will pick that light up in the darkness, too (most any camera will).

Have fun!!

Comment Re:I think you overestimate the size of ships (Score 1) 913

This particular problem has been dumping oil out at a rate of about 5000 (not 50,000) barrels per day (so far).

5,000 barrels a day is the lowest estimate of the rate of oil leaking. Around 30,000 bbl/day seems more reasonable. (My boos is actually on the crisis team so he should know, but he's tight lipped.)

Of course, anyone talking about world-wide catastrophes is still going over the top.

Comment Re:What can be done? Nothing. (Score 3, Informative) 511

Yes, your bank account may get cleaned out (or depleted up to the daily spending limit of your debit card), and outstanding checks may bounce, and you may have a freeze on your account until it gets resolved. However, this zero liability guarantee means any transactions found to be fraudulent will be reimbursed by your bank. The bank then goes after the merchant that processed the transaction to recoup their own losses. If you have a good bank, they'll also refund your overdraft fees.

Meaning no offense, but why in the hell would this make me want a debit card?

Maybe the bank would give me back my fees and losses, but I've still bounced checks with God-knows-who and caused them all manner of hassle and had them incur fees and lost trust with them. If my bank account gets cleaned out the day before my IRS check hits, do you seriously think they'll just chuckle and say "oopsie, well, we'll clear it again". No. I'm going to spend hours on the phone with everyone I sent a check or made an automated payment to, trying to dig my way out of the hole that used to be my bank account.

I've had an account cleanout happen (account was cleaned out by lawyers suing my parents, and I stupidly left my mother's name on my bank account). My mortgage and car payment checks were in the outgoing mail the same day I received the "summons to trustee" notice, and all my money was gone. It worked out, but I had to take two days off work (lost vacation time) to make all the necessary phone calls, and I still had a black mark on my credit rating for several years afterward, even though none of the bounced checks were determined to be my fault. I worked for a bank service company at the time, and they routinely pulled credit ratings (since I handled account details on a lot of people). I had to spend a couple of hours explaining the whole situation at work, and it's possible I could have lost my job over it. Fortunately I didn't. Net result was an absolute nightmare, and my bank was actually pretty nice and helpful about the whole thing.

I also had my credit card number compromised once (Hannaford breach, and my card was actually used overseas). Visa called me, said that the card had been suspended but that any automated payments I had set up would work for another week to give me time to transition to the new card number, went through the outstanding charges over the phone to verify that they were all valid, apologized for the inconvenience, and I never even saw any of the fraudulent charges at all. I spent 15 minutes on the phone with them, 10 minutes entering the new card on my automated payments, and another 5 minutes cutting up the old card when the new one came in. Impact to my credit rating: none.

"Yes, the debit card can be almost as secure as the credit card if you use it as a credit card, and if your bank is really nice the resulting damage to your account and credit rating can be built back to almost new after a lot of effort!"

Thanks, I'll use a credit card. If it gets used fraudulently, the onus is on the credit card company to help me out, because my money is not gone. A credit card does not have access to my checking account. That's a very important distinction to me.

Comment Re:Judge needs education regardin teh intra-web-tu (Score 1) 250

If I post that your mother intimately cosorts with farm animals and it isn't true then I am a TROLL.

That's not trolling, that's slander (libel if it's written) unless it's true, and if it is you better have some proof. If I say your mother is ugly and you're a moron and your dad is a loser, THAT'S trolling. One is actionable, the other is not.

Comment Re:I'll probably got modded into oblivion... (Score 1) 349

If you get modded to oblivion it's because you didn't mention Star Trek once!!!

Space western? Roddenberry pitched TOS as "wagon train to the stars" and a Star Trek book by that name was written by Dianne Carey.
Bad guy who will do anything to get what he wants, ethics be damned? The Most Toys (Bad guy was Saul Rubinek, see the movie "Unforgiven")
Strong, capable, confident female characters? Doctor Crusher, Captain Janeaway, Uhura, etc etc??

Turn in your nerd card, heretic!

Comment Not just ANY NULL pointer (Score 1) 139

The summary is a bit broad. TFA is good, but is limited to cases where you can exploit a weakness to get a page mapped at address 0 and then exploit another kernel bug to get it to call to address 0 (not simply read or write). IF you can manage that and IF you know exactly where things are in the running kernel, THEN you have a root exploit. That's not to say it isn't a problem, just that it's far from ANY NULL pointer dereference.

Comment By a strange coincidence... (Score 1) 508

This has already come to pass.

Who would have thought that giving the Russians a monopoly would give them more leverage in setting the price we pay? Maybe we should have a Congressional committee study this phenomenon and produce a report explaining how such a price increase could possibly have happened. Unfathomable mysteries, indeed.

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