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Submission + - Eliminating buzzing sound output

someonestolecc writes: I've had something annoying me about computers and sound reproduction for a while. For some reason they all seem to produce a buzz in the sound output if the volume is low enough. It's either when moving the mouse, possibly cpu usage and/or hard drive activity. This has happened to me for the last 15 years in various rigs and in varying intensities.

It's never really bothered me to the point it does recently as I'm in an apartment where sometime I need to listen to things at a low volume and I'm really into my music. I've experienced it regardless of power points used, audio cables (rca/trs/whatever), inputs (external or internal sound card, onboard or off board), motherboards, operating systems, speakers, headphones, and troubleshooted (shot?) every other which way I could think of. At the moment I'm using some pretty decent low level studio monitors and when they're not plugged into the computer they're dead quiet. As soon as they are plugged in they seem to carry electrical interference that has a buzz (on/off, disk activity whirring etc). Recently I bought even bought a Cakewalk UA-1G external sound card because I thought the motherboard might be carrying it but of course this actually didn't help (and strangely the interference is _exactly_ the same). Honestly I didn't think this was possible as the sound card is a USB card. I'm entirely lost. Of course I can turn the volume up but I shouldn't have this interference should I? Can someone explain how or why this is occurring and what I need to do to stop it? Do I need a digital output to a device that's powered differently or maybe it's the 50-60hz electricity I get in Aussieland?

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