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Comment Re: Hitler, Religion, Vegetarians (Score 1) 162

Why do Christians balk when someone points out that Hitler was a Christian?

Hitler was not a Christian, although he may have let his subjects believe he was in order to gain/maintain power.
He was, however, a vegetarian (to get back on-topic (sort of)).

(Disclaimer: I am not a Christian, but I am a vegetarian (vegan, in fact), just like Hitler.
However, I have no interest in genocide or invading Poland.)

Comment Turn off scripting (Score 1) 250

Just turn off all scripting.
Problem solved.

It appears that over 90% of browser attacks are caused by exploiting vulnerabilities (bugs) in scripting code.
Turn off scripting, and you're not vulnerable to those attacks.
Of course, with scripting turned off, there are some things you can't do (like meta-moderate slashdot, thank you very much), but, for the most part, you don't need scripting at all.

Comment Re:Astronomy (Score 1) 201

Except it wouldn't be a direct path, rather a curve, and we would have to aim for where it really is, instead of where it was 20 years ago.

Actually, you have to aim to where it will be when it gets there, not where it is now.

Actually actually, you have to take gravity, stellar wind, etc., into account, so you have to aim in some direction so that it will be where it will be when it gets there.

And then you have to make course corrections to avoid comets, asteroids, V'ger, Klingon battle cruisers, and so forth.
Rocket science is hard.

Comment Re:umm... (Score 4, Interesting) 125

sight, hearing, touch, feel, taste, comparison shop? This isn't a sixth sense, no matter how you spin it.

Actually, humans have quite a few senses other than the five commonly described; it's just that most of them are internal (sense of hunger, etc.).
One that is external, and sometimes called the "sixth sense", is the sense of balance.

Comment Re: Wondering People (Score 5, Funny) 352

I play games for fun, not to be screwed over by other players, and people wonder why EVE doesn't interest me enough

Wow, people wonder that?
That's amazing.
I can just picture them gathered around the water cooler, chatting.
One of them says, "You know, I wonder why EVE doesn't interest Larry enough.".
Another one replies, "Yes, I was discussing this with my inflatable girlfriend last night, and both of us were wondering why EVE doesn't interest Larry enough.".
And then a third person says, "Maybe it's because he plays games for fun, not to be screwed over by other players."

Yes, I can imagine people wondering why EVE doesn't interest you enough.
People who have even less of a life than people who take EVE seriously enough to submit lame articles about it to Slashdot.
Or Slashdot editors who post them.
Or people who anonymously comment about them.
Or respond to anonymous comments about them.

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