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Submission + - Social Searcher added 7 New Social Networks (

socialsearcher writes: Social Searcher — leading Free social media search engine added 7 new social networks for searching, current list of the supported networks as follows:
- All Web (premium monitoring)
- Facebook (exact Facebook page feed)
- Twitter
- Google+
- Youtube
- Instagram
- Tumblr
- Reddit
- Flickr
- Dailymotion
- Vimeo

Submission + - SPAM: Le Figaro Sport: Sochi 2014 Social Networks Infographic

socialsearcher writes: Le Figaro Sport published an infographic produced by [spam URL stripped]... which contains analysis of more than 3.8 million tweets from 1.7 million users relative to the Winter Olympics.
76% of the tweets had a neutral sentiment and the #sochi hashtag was the most mentioned one >550K. Hockey, Figure Skating and Snowboard became the most popular sports on Twitter.
T.J. Oshie became national and twitter hero of the USA after the dramatic shootout win over Russia. That USA vs. Russia hockey match was a true social bomb with the massive twitter users activity as well as the Sochi's opening ceremony.

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Submission + - Ukraine: Real-Time Social Battle Russia VS USA and Europe (

socialsearcher writes: Yesterday Social Searcher — social media search engine, released a special page which shows real-time feed from Facebook, Twitter and Google+ about Ukraine.
The service quickly became viral by providing information from the social networks relative to the both sides of the conflict: on the left part of the page there is a stream of the USA and Europe supporters, on the right — Russia's ones.

Submission + - Infographic: Sochi 2014 Social Analytics (

socialsearcher writes: The team has collected and analyzed more than 3.8 million tweets from 1.7 million users relative to the Winter Olympics.
76% of the tweets had a neutral sentiment and the #sochi hashtag was the most mentioned one >550K. Hockey, Figure Skating and Snowboard became the most popular sports on Twitter.
Check up Sochi 2014 Social Analytics Infographic for more details.

Submission + - SPAM: 50+ Christmas Ideas for Searching in the Social Networks

socialsearcher writes: People are posting tons of images, videos and statuses in the social networks on the Christmas Eve. We’ve collected more then 50 ideas of the social media searches that will help you to explore Christmas posts from all over the world. Be inspired by Facebook, Twitter and Google+ real-time updates about holiday gifts, decoration, cooking etc.
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Submission + - Can Social Media Activity Predict Elections Result? (

socialsearcher writes: "Social Searcher company produced social media study about US Elections candidates mentions on Facebook and Twitter during last 7 days of the elections race, when most of people get their final choise.
According to the analysis of more then 1.3 million public mentions, Mitt Romney is the obvious leader in social networks."


Submission + - Brand New Real-Time Search Engine for Facebook, Twitter and Google+ (

socialsearcher writes: "Social Buzz tool for the real-time search in social networks was released yesterday by the Social Searcher company.
The Distinctive Features are as follows:
- Multiple keywords, exact keywords and minus keywords tool.
- Quick location, content and popularity filtering.
- Deep search results analytics.
- Cute design with a three-column layout of the search results."


Submission + - Russian Wiki Shuts Down to Protest Internet Censorship Bill (

socialsearcher writes: "The Russian-language Wikipedia website was shut down on Tuesday 10 July. Now it has a stark black line across its main page in protest at a bill, which may be used to censor the Russian internet.

“Imagine a world without free knowledge,” it said in a statement. Russian parliament will discuss on Wednesday amendments to an information law and they “could lead to the creation of extrajudicial censorship of the whole Russian-language internet”."


Submission + - Social Leaks from Facebook, Google+ and Twitter (

socialsearcher writes: "Social Leaks was launched today, it's a collection of the Social Networks' Leaks exposing the privacy issues of the Facebook, Twitter and Google Plus.

This service provides real time search results from the social networks using Open Search API.
Now everybody can see who's hating his job, taking drugs or got drunk last night...

Hope that people will be more careful with their public posts and privacy settings."


Submission + - New Android App: Facebook Search Without logging in. (

socialsearcher writes: "Free Android app "Social Searcher" was released by the web service, which allows to search on Facebook without logging in.
User can make keyword search around Facebook and find out what is trending now. Application supports all languages for searching and filtering of the results by country. In addition, search results can be sorted by date and number of likes."

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