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Submission + - SciAm Fansubbers Score Hungarian Viral Hit (

soDean writes: Editors at Scientific American noticed they were getting a TON of hits on the video, "What Happens to Your Body after You Die?”. To their surprise, the majority of the views were originating in Hungary.

Most Hungarians don’t speak English (fun fact: Latin was the nation’s official language into the mid-19th century. So, dice quod ad tuum Latin magister.) How were they enjoying our video? In their native language, via our crowd-sourced translation community on Amara! Köszönöm (thank you) to our Hungarian translators on Amara (especially to Sándor Nagy), and to all 1,064 of our translators on Amara who have translated 81 videos into 71 languages.


Submission + - Google Open Sources VP8 Video Codec (

soDean writes: Google, Mozilla and Opera announced a new open video format today called WebM. As part of the WebM project, Google is is freely licensing the VP8 compression technology. This new open video format will use a modified Matroska video container (.webm). WebM format support is available today in Firefox, Chromium, and Opera development builds. All videos that are 720p or larger, uploaded to YouTube after May 19th, will be be encoded in WebM. The Open Video Alliance has the full scoop.

Submission + - Miro 2.5 Out: Audio Support, Better Dev Doc & (

soDean writes: Miro, a free and open source media aggregator and player, released version 2.5 today. Improvements in Miro 2.5 include: improved database performance, audio podcast directory/support, better developer documentation, interface polish, and lots of tweaks. Participatory Culture Foundation (Miro's non-profit developer) as well as their volunteer community have been steadily improving Miro over the past 3.5 years and this release really shows it!

Submission + - Miro asks users to "adopt" lines of source ( 3

soDean writes: The FOSS video player / downloader Miro is asking its users to support development by 'adopting' a line of source code for $4 a month. Each adopted line of code comes personalized with a little avatar character that will grow older over the year. PCF, which makes Miro, says they think the project is the first of its kind and they believe it's a chance to "to have a truly bottom up funding base."

Submission + - Miro 2.0 Launches Today (

soDean writes: Miro, the free and open source HD video player & internet TV, just launched their 2.0 release today. It features an all-new interface and an entirely rewritten UI engine, plus tons of new features and improvements-- it's less of a collection of new stuff and more of a rethinking of the whole experience.

Miro can be downloaded for Linux, Mac, and Windows here: Miro 2.0

Miro is developed by the Participatory Culture Foundation (a 501c3 non-profit, hell-bent on making internet video more open and decentralized), along with a dedicated community of users, volunteers, translators, testers, and coders.

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