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Submission + - Internet Explorer 8 Passes the Acid2 Test (

mattmcm writes: (From the story) The IE team has been very hard at work on IE 8 for the past several months and they hit a huge milestone last Friday evening. The IE dev team checked in a bunch of code that included several new features implemented in the core rendering engine that enable IE to pass the ACID 2 test! This is great news for web developers: IE 8 is going to be our most standards compliant browser to date. Passing ACID 2 is really a combined side effect of all the new features that have been developed for IE 8.

Submission + - Firefox 3 Beta 2 Released

n00kie writes: "Firefox 3 Beta 2 includes approximately 900 improvements over the previous beta, including fixes for stability, performance, memory usage, platform enhancements and user interface improvements. Many of these improvements were based on community feedback from the previous beta. Release notes available here."

Submission + - Time Travel to a Parallel Universe: A Reality, Acc (

greasyguide writes: "According to Oxford Scientists, parallel universes really do exist. Many scientists argue that time travel undermines the idea of cause and effect to create paradoxes. According to David Deutsch at Oxford, the existence of parallel worlds offers a way around these paradoxes. In a recent article in New Scientist, parallel universe make quantum sense to many modern day physicists. Andy Albrecht at the University of California at Davis, calls this as one of the most important works in scientific history."

Submission + - Hubble finds ghost ring of dark matter

The Bad Astronomer writes: "Astronomers announced today that they have found a giant ring of dark matter surrounding a cluster of galaxies 5 billion light years away. The ring was probably formed when one cluster collided with another, and we're seeing it right down the line-of-sight. There was a lot of speculation on /. about this, but this article should clear it all up."

Submission + - Flatland The Film

Flatland The Film writes: "An obscure film by an obscure filmmaker based on an obscure novel is starting to make critical waves — without name actors or Hollywood money.

Adapted from the 1884 novel by Edwin A. Abbott, Flatland The Film is a 2D/3D animated feature film by independent filmmaker Ladd Ehlinger Jr that explores heady concepts of interdimensionality while satirizing the modern political scene.

Even without a general release, it is being hailed by Film Threat magazine as "genius" and as "outstanding" and "brilliant." This achievement is all the more remarkable considering that the film was the creation of one person performing all of the technical tasks that a Pixar or Disney would need a team of hundreds to accomplish...

Some excerpts from Film Threat's review:

For the film version of "Flatland," Ehlinger has kept much of Abbott's concept while updating the story to meet the needs of modern times. Some touches are extremely contemporary, particularly the subplot of a megalomaniacal president who conspires to wage a war against a non-threatening country based on the flimsiest of pretexts (sound familiar?).

Clearly this is not "Happy Feet" or "Cars." For a film that raises questions of racism, class inequality, political manipulation and the blunt challenge to long-accepted scientific values, "Flatland" packs endless intellectual punches. This film is not for little kids, though brainy adolescents will easily respond to its striking animation and its authority-challenging undercurrents. Adults in search of something genuinely different will be floored by Ehlinger's amazing vision and endlessly compelling talents.

"Flatland" is a work of genius, and animation has a new force of power in Ehlinger."

Flatland The Film is currently available only in a Pre-Release, Special Collector's Limited Edition DVD at "

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