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Comment Re:Silly Brits (Score 1) 568

Yes, fair point. As the child of a coal miner in the north of England I remember Mrs 'Milk Snatcher' and eighteen months of living by the charity of others well.

That's quite a long time ago, and was in the shadow of a very real nuclear arms race between superpowers able to destroy this country easily. Having a big friend made sense, and Europe was still recovering from a horribly destructive war.

Since then we've been involved in 'wars' without general British public support and that have not only made England unpopular in the world, but have shown our previous military ability to be on the wane.

I would expect a new government of any party to be incredibly wary of this, and to be actively moving our involvement in international affairs away from what is now a general distrust of American foreign policy.

Empires fade quickly.

Comment Re:Duh (Score -1, Troll) 366

Having used both Apple phones and MS phones, personally though I'd rather go back to having a decent phone (IE good at calls and sms at a pinch), decent pda (email, organiser, some apps) and a decent media player.

Haven't you basically just described an iPhone (try 'Airplane Mode' when you're working on a problem). Most criticisms come from people who were hoping for a portable general-purpose computer, but if you see it as a pretty decent phone and SMS client, a PDA with the option for (quite a lot of) PDA-type apps, plus a decent media player, the lockdown and limitations begin to make sense.

Comment Well rounded is the goal (Score 1) 1252

Children are sent to school to get a well rounded education. That means they should be taught both sides of the debate. Science has its teachings and so does religion. Schools are becoming progressively liberal and biased. Teachers should be presenting both sides of the debate and limited to social studies only.

Comment Re:Not necessarily copyright (Score 1) 169

Hi, sjames -- there are already laws that prohibit unauthorized use of a person's image in a manner that implies an endorsement. Copyright is not the tool to use to prevent unauthorized use, as copyright does not rest with the person who are photographed. And the instance of Obama and the billboard was an AP photo, not a WH photo.

Comment Re:Try Io (Score 1) 255

The original argument was that Python dicts provide a superb implementation of hash maps. Someone answered that perhaps STL-based hash maps might compete, and I said that those were a hash function away from a full implementation. That's when you brought up IDE-generated hash functions, to which I answered that those would still be a far cry from Python's implementation. Collision resolution was simply something I know that Python has very well optimized, and why it's such a good general-purpose implementation, not making a point that it was something that happened every other request for a value.

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