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Comment Re:Why are we deprived of this in North America? (Score 1) 578

I'm jealous - we should be offered the same deal here in good old North America

Yeah.. or at least as many browser choices as we get when we buy Apple's machines. And next, we can go after Microsoft for bundling Windows with Windows Media Player... they shouldn't be allowed to use their monopoly to push their media management and playback software on us! We should get to choose iTunes if we prefer it. And notepad?!? I want Notepad++ bundled with my OS!

I, for one, won't be happy until Microsoft is forced to remove any and all useful, desirable applications from their OS, so that otherwise uncompetitive companies can get free exposure at Microsoft's expense and have their product presented to us--unsolicited--in hopes that we will install their software without any requirement that they actually earn our "business".

Comment Re:The only fix is campaign finance reform (Score 1) 785

No, the fix is to reduce the power that lawmakers have over us so there is no "need" or desire to buy them. A flat tax or some other simplified tax system--which does not allow lawmakers to carve out exemptions to this that and the other thing for anyone with enough campaign cash--would be the most effective thing we could do to eliminate corruption.

If you want to give the government the power to take care of you from cradle to grave and provide health care and affordable housing and yada yada yada, you are creating corruption.

Google's Android Cellphone SDK Released 283

AchiIIe writes "The android SDK has been released to the wild. As expected it features the Linux Kernel, low level libraries such as FreeType, OpenGL, SQL Lite, WebKit (as a web browser), a custom Java Bytecode interpreter that is highly specialized for the CPU. A common java API is provided. A video has been posted with an the overview of the API." SM: Several readers have also written to mention the Android Developer Challenge offering $10 million in prizes for cool mobile apps.

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