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Feed Engadget: Palm chooses Wind River Systems for Foleo's Linux (

Filed under: Handhelds

Just over a fortnight before the Foleo is rumored to launch, Palm has selected Wind River Systems as its preferred Linux platform provider. Reportedly, Wind River Platform for Consumer Devices, Linux Edition has been chosen as the "open standard Linux platform for future Palm Foleo software releases," and Palm seems to think that this will "help speed applications to market while still meeting the requirements for a stable and robust open mobile platform." Palm's Mark Bercow was also quoted as saying that the company hopes that building the Foleo on an open Linux-based platform and publishing the tools developers need will enable "a vibrant developer community to create new applications that extend the mobile companion's built-in capabilities." Regrettably, there's still no mention of a hard release date, but at least you open-sourcers can start dreaming up ways to better this thing as soon as it hits shelves.

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Submission + - Coping strategies for women in IT (

Ian Lamont writes: "Female workers are losing ground in the IT profession, reports Computerworld, citing statistics which show a sharp drop in the number of female CS grads since the 1980s, and a decline in the percentage of women in the IT profession since 2001. According to the article, causes include pervasive stereotypes and the locker-room atmosphere found in some IT shops — attitudes which some readers may recognize from the comments in a Slashdot thread last week. The IT professionals interviewed in the Computerworld article discuss a variety of strategies for coping. They range from trying to 'out-boy the boys' to watching what you say, as one Sun Microsystems executive describes:

It's not unusual to be the only woman at a meeting, she says, and because of that, there's often a tendency to remain silent unless you think you have something really remarkable to say. "As one member of a small group, you feel you have no right to be mediocre ... You're not just representing yourself; you're representing [females] with a capital F."



Submission + - Microsoft can evade GPL 3 ..

rs232 writes: ""Microsoft should be able to extricate itself from the implications of the new GPL 3, according to a leading Australian intellectual property lawyer"

"Unless there is something more specific in the certificate or the collaboration agreement between Novell and Microsoft, I would be very surprised to see this upheld. It was a nice try on the part of (the FSF), but at this stage, I'd say it's not going to be an effective strategy. It will be tough to hold up in court."

'In this case, she said, Microsoft never acted — never 'entered' into the agreement, and the terms and conditions can only apply to new actions by Microsoft, not older ones. She said: "Their actions so far are not enough to say that they are bound."',39024651,39167957 ,00.htm"

Submission + - Automatix Activly Dangerous to Ubuntu

exeme writes: Ubuntu developer Matthew Garrett has recently analysed famed Ubuntu illegal software installer Automatix and found it to be actively dangerous to Ubuntu desktop systems. In a detailed report which only took Garrett a couple of hours he found many serious, show-stopper bugs and concluded that Ubuntu could not officially support Automatix in its current state. Garrett also goes on to say that simple Debian packages could provide all of the functionality of Automatix without any of the problems it exhibits.

Submission + - Should I learn Java or stay with mainframes? 1

JCOTTON writes: "CIOs of major corporations are agreed . They trust their mainframe systems more than they trust their distributed systems. But a "perfect storm" may be brewing. Many of the the mainframe Baby Boomer generation programmers will retire in the next decade. Deborah Perelman writes that CIOs should plan for this "problem".
I am a long time mainframe programmer, and I am now learning Java, JavaBeans, JDBC, and Swing, in order to switch to a more modern technology. My mainframe shop CIO says that we are moving to Java, but that our mainframe system will still be around in 10 years. Do Slashdot readers agree with my choice to learn Java? Or should I remain forever a mainframer? Do I trust my CIO?"

Submission + - Multiformat Listening Test at 64kbps

Anonymous writes: The Hydrogenaudio community is conducting a "Public, Multiformat Listening Test" ( to see which codecs (AAC, WMA Pro and Vorbis) provide the best sound quality when compressing samples at 64kbps.

This test is open until the 5th of August and seems to be much, much harder than what one would expect, even for experienced developers of sound codecs, at bitrates that the public would find "too little", as the comments on the thread at the discussion forums (see: topic=56397).

Do you think that you have good ears? That 64kbps is "too little"? Then try it for yourself and participate. Your participation will help us improve the codecs so that they are even closer to being "transparent" at such "low" bitrates.

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