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Submission + - best way for non-developer to learn C#?

An anonymous reader writes: I can do basic shell scripting but have never worked with C# or any kind of tool like MS Visual Studio. The company I work for uses it extensively and I could increase my usefulness by learning it. What's the best way? I do best in structured environments but already commute up to 3 hours a day. Are there any online methods worth using?

Submission + - Misguided protesters should occupy Apple (

zacharye writes: Protesters who are part of the Occupy Movement in San Francisco are misplacing their efforts according to former city mayor Willie Brown. In a column published over the weekend in the San Francisco Chronicle, Brown wrote that protesters who had assembled in Oakland were disrupting the work of the 99% rather than taking a stand against the 1%. Instead of hampering operations at the docks in Oakland, the former mayor suggested they head to Silicon Valley and target Apple, which exports jobs to the Far East and then has “the nerve” to seek federal tax breaks...

Submission + - App internet to drive massive IT demand in 2012 (

DMandPenfold writes: The rise of the "app internet" – in which users' PCs, smartphones and tablets run the business applications – will drive completely different demands from technology next year.

That is the verdict of technology industry experts, who predicted fast-shifting pressures on technology from the rise in mobile application development, cloud computing and new security threats.

According to Forrester analysts, having said that the web, as the dominant software architecture of the Internet, was dead, a new internet is evolving – dominated by applications and now placing a strain on the technology supporting it.

"The app internet ushers in the next generation of computing," Forrester said. The high "momentum" of personal devices growth was vastly changing mobile platform strategies.

In order to cope with the change, it said, "elastic application platforms" would emerge "to handle variable scale and portfolio balancing". Businesses would also increasingly push for private clouds, aided by "improved virtualisation", it said.

It added that "always on, always available" was "the new expectation" from business leaders, and networks needed to evolve to meet this.

Gartner said that "low cost cloud services" would begin a fast growth, forming "up to 15 per cent of top outsourcing players' revenue" within three years. These industrialised services would "alter the common perceptions of pricing and value of IT", it said.

Cloud services will top $36 billion (£23 billion) in 2012, IDC said, "growing at four times the industry rate".

"Eighty percent of new apps will target the cloud," it said, with Amazon "joining the $1 billion vendor club" and duelling with Google, IBM, Microsoft, Oracle, and VMware.

In spite of frequent gloomy predictions by financial analysts for the world economy, IDC said there would be a 6.9 percent growth in IT spending in 2012, "turbo-charged" by mobile devices. But analysts warned of the Thailand floods' continued severe impact on the PC supply chain, and they said some production could shift to the Americas.

The battle to lead the IT marketplace will "start to be won and lost" next year, with Amazon's Kindle Fire taking 20 percent of media tablets, and growing Android momentum taking on the mobile OS field.

It would be a "make or break" year for Microsoft, RIM and HP in mobile devices, with the vendors respectively depending upon the success of Windows 8, BBX and tablets, IDC said.

Analyst firm CCS Insight predicted that RIM would restructure its business "into two divisions: a services unit and a hardware unit". The aim of this would be "to provide sharper focus on the two most important elements of RIM's business", it said....


Submission + - The decline of the Opera Web browser (

An anonymous reader writes: A short rant about how the Opera browser no longer can be recommended to people who are not already long-time and die-hard fans.

A New Way To Make Water, And Fuel Cells 107

Roland Piquepaille writes "You probably know that it is easy to combine hydrogen and oxygen to make water. After all, this chemical reaction is known for more than two centuries. But now, researchers at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign (UIUC) have discovered a new way to make water. As states the UIUC report, 'not only can they make water from unlikely starting materials, such as alcohols, their work could also lead to better catalysts and less expensive fuel cells.' But be warned: don't read the technical paper itself. It could win an obfuscated contest — if such a contest existed for scientific papers." Yet another advance in fuel cell technology; we discussed a different one just the other day.

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