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Comment Re:About time (Score 3) 54

No, you twit, his point was that if they're going to censor non-US "fake news sites" they should censor US fake-news *also.*

But that's not going to happen, because "Official News" is what the US government wants you to believe and nothing else. There is no independent mainstream media anymore. The ones with "access" to the WH and elsewhere in DC are the ones that act as stenographers for the official party line (the party being that of the moneyed), truth be damned.

Just because other countries do it doesn't mean it's right for us to do it. And just because other countries do it, doesn't mean we /don't'/ as I will illustrate further down below.

If you defend the "purity" of the US, then you've bought into the biggest pile of bullshit going.

I wrote this the week following Easter:

---begin paste ---

I watched a Sunday news program this Easter with The Nan (Marirose's mom). The harebrained manufacture of consent and propaganda being spewed from the Tee Vee astounded me in its transparency. I just /couldn't/ accept what they were selling because it felt like I was in a time warp being sold the same bill of goods about Saddam. And it was about going to war with /both/ Syria and North Korea.

I couldn't tell you which one it was, because I never saw the intro and my Sunday viewing habits are... scarce.

All the way from Vietnam to the present day...

"Every time we've gone to war in my lifetime, the government has lied to us" - Jimmy Dore

Jimmy Dore is my age. He's absolutely correct.

From the Gulf of Tonkin to today, it's been a lie /every time/. Without fail, it's been a lie.


For my 51 years on this spinning speck of dirt in the universe, these lies have caused millions to needlessly suffer and die either directly in the case of Vietnam, Iraq, Afghanistan, etc., (this includes the war on some drugs in Columbia and elsewhere and covert wars such as in Central America) or indirectly in the case of Cambodia and others. And absolutely nobody in the US, who has any power at all, has any negative repercussions on them for starting a war with a lie. Indeed, such people rise to the top and wear epaulets with stars on them and shiny suits or at least show up on TV as a sage and get paid to offer pro-war opinion.

The entire history of the US from the end of WWII to today is the history of manufactured consent for war through the media. Had Herr Goebbels lived to see it instead of taking cyanide, he would have been proud.

"Now you can join the ranks of the illustrious
In history's great dark hall of fame
All our greatest killers were industrious
At least the ones that we all know by name

But you can reach the top of your profession
If you become the leader of the land
For murder is the sport of the elected
And you don't need to lift a finger of your hand"

-- The Police "Murder by Numbers"

When I leave this vale of tears or shuffle off this mortal coil, the number of middle fingers I will have to give will be counted in /sagans/.

Fuck you, you fucking fucks.

---end paste---

I was corrected later that the use of media to manufacture consent for war in the US was /at least/ as old as the Spanish American War.



US Space Firms Tell Washington: China Will Take Over the Moon if You're Not Careful ( 87

The US space industry is prodding the US government into refreshing its outdated laws on commercial activity beyond earth: scare it with talk of Chinese galactic domination. A report adds: At a Senate hearing on the space industry this week, companies that build rockets and space habitats and manufacture electronic goods in space spoke about a standard laundry list of complaints, from regulatory burdens to fears of subsidized competitors. But their message was wrapped in patriotic concerns about China's growing capacity for space action. These companies are eager for the US government to allow and invest in commercial activities in orbit and around the moon. Many think the laws governing action in space, and particularly the UN Space Treaty, need refreshing for an age when private companies are close to matching the space capacity of sovereign nations. The last major change was a law on asteroid mining passed in 2015.

NASA Inspector Says Agency Wasted $80 Million On An Inferior Spacesuit ( 68

An anonymous reader quotes a report from Ars Technica: When NASA began developing a rocket and spacecraft to return humans to the Moon a decade ago as part of the Constellation Program, the space agency started to think about the kinds of spacesuits astronauts would need in deep space and on the lunar surface. After this consideration, NASA awarded a $148 million contract to Oceaneering International, Inc. in 2009 to develop and produce such a spacesuit. However, President Obama canceled the Constellation program just a year later, in early 2010. Later that year, senior officials at the Johnson Space Center recommended canceling the Constellation spacesuit contract because the agency had its own engineers working on a new spacesuit and, well, NASA no longer had a clear need for deep-space spacesuits. However, the Houston officials were overruled by agency leaders at NASA's headquarters in Washington, DC. A new report released Wednesday by NASA Inspector General Paul Martin sharply criticizes this decision. "The continuation of this contract did not serve the best interests of the agency's spacesuit technology development efforts," the report states. In fact, the report found that NASA essentially squandered $80.6 million on the Oceaneering contract before it was finally ended last year.

Chinese, European Space Agencies In Talks To Build a Moon Base ( 82

ESA's Pal Hvistendahl has confirmed via Bloomberg that Chinese and European space agencies are talking with one another about plans to build a base on the moon. The discussions "involve working together to build a human-occupied 'moon village' from which both agencies can potentially launch Mars missions, conduct research, and possibly explore commercial mining and tourism projects," reports TechCrunch. From the report: China's upcoming projects in space include a mission to collect samples from the moon via an uncrewed craft by the end of this year, and to also launch an exploratory mission to the far side of the moon next year, with the similar aim of returning samples for study. The ESA's collaboration with China thus far include participating in the study of those returned samples, and potentially sending a European astronaut to the Chinese space station (which is currently unoccupied) at some future date.

Comment Unstoppable? (Score 2) 445

Wind accounted for 5.6% of power generation in 2016.
Solar accounted for 0.9%.

I'm sure, on a more local level (like Texas), Wind accounts for a more significant portion per-capita. As does solar in areas with lots of sunshine (like Nevada and Hawaii).

But considering that Nuclear, which is essentially stagnant or post-peak due to the way the market's been poisoned against it, is producing over three times the power that Wind and Solar do on an AGGREGATE basis.

And that Coal and Hydro (which is post-peak) EACH produce about five times what Wind and Solar (again aggregate) do.

I'd say calling Wind and Solar "unstoppable" at this point is putting the cart WELL before the in "What's that out there on the horizon?"

Comment Re:Troglodytes (Score 4, Insightful) 193

All of them, and make no mistake Hillary would have been just as bad.

No, I'm pretty sure she wouldn't have been. I think it's reasonable to assume she would have continued the same kind of policies as Obama. And it was Obama's FCC that started to take Network Neutrality seriously to begin with.

There is no justification for claiming a "Both sides" position here, just as there isn't with 90% of what Trump is doing.

Comment Re:Cry me a river (Score 1) 263

It's going to legally be tough for them to wriggle out of.

This is morally wrong and dangerous. Morally wrong because if you commit suicide, you did it, not someone who made you feel bad. Dangerous because incentive payments for people who commit suicide is counterproductive unless you want more suicides.

Societies should disallow these types of lawsuits -- maybe with some sort of exception if you can prove someone had the specific intention of driving the person to suicide.

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