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Comment These are good changes (Score 2) 44

The daypass thing is mildly more confusing, but I suspect part of the logic is to encourage use of the Binge-On technology, without which towers are likely to get clogged pretty quickly. I also suspect that the soft limit of 27G a month will be torn through pretty quickly by anyone making heavy use of HD video. Go over the 27G and you're "deprioritized" - you'll get full service during quiet times, but you'll be throttled when everyone else is trying to use the network (which is fair, but you probably don't want it to happen to you!)

The big improvement is that Tethering is now an acceptable half-megabit/s, rather than 2G speeds. That makes "Unlimited tethering" actually useful again.

The big question for me is how to encourage video streaming companies to sign up to Binge-On if there's no incentive. In theory, they can just transmit 1080p over HTTPS (protocols like DASH are HTTPS friendly) and T-Mobile will never know.

With the original implementation, the advantage was that your viewers could watch your services without worrying about it coming out of their data. But if data is unlimited...

Comment Re:THATS IT! (Score 1) 128

Voting is no longer safe, we are obviously going to have to suspend elections until we are 100% sure the computers are trustworthy!

Really though, people should suspend the secret ballot if there are legitimate widespread issues with vote tampering. The secret ballot is less important than the ability to maintain the integrity of the election itself. Sure that opens some people up to voter intimidation, but you have to trust that enough people are going to vote in their best interests to overwhelm any voter intimidation.

If you are trying to boot strap a civil society using democratically elected institutions then you have a chicken and egg problem of having a representative trustworthy government to manage a free and fair election in an ethical way in the first place. The answer is to ditch the secret ballot.

Comment Re:Washington State uses this fancy new method (Score 1) 128

Paper based forms with optical scanners seems to work out best these days. Then you can get quick results on election night from the optical scanner results and you just need to have real people manually count the ballots later in order to confirm the automated results.

Easier said than done, but it is very important that elections have verifiable results based on the physical ballots and not just a computer spitting out some result.

Comment Re:Another reminder of why wait before buying (Score 1) 447

Maybe that 17-year-old should learn to make grownup decisions with his scarce resources. He didn't have to preorder. He could have bought a physical copy so he could trade it in. Or, best of all, he could have waited a few months and bought it on sale -- or skipped it entirely. If you wait a few months after release, games usually drop from $60 to $20 or $30.

It's so easy to be a grownup and not to be fooled. Rather than indulging the Internet hate-swarmers, why not join me and urge these people to grow up?

Comment Re:Morons (Score 1) 280

Why do people think things like the Bechdel test are worth more than a fart in the breeze

A test is just providing some objective information about something.

What you do with that is your business.

The Bechdel test was presumably invented to identify movies that fail the Bechdel test as deficient, problematic, etc.

But the test can just as easily be interpreted the other way. Netflix might someday soon come up with a category called "Bechdel Failures" and learn that it is extremely popular with men.

I think it would be great if there was some kind of logo or something that indicated if a movie passed or failed the Bechdel test; feminists could look for passing films, and I could look for failing films.

Comment Yes and no (Score 3, Insightful) 37

Do I agree that other departments need training in security?

HELL THE FUCK YES! The nastiest hole in most security systems are the stupid meatbags being stupid on their computers.

Do I think that there should be SOME input back from these other departments too? Sure. But in a healthy organization, this is already the case.

Do I think that these departments should be given policy and decision making powers over security policy?

HELL THE FUCK NO! That's like putting a blind and deaf sheep that's considered stupid (even by sheep standards) in charge of a flock in an unfenced field in wolf country.

In short, while feedback is welcome, and good ideas are always welcome, managerial control isn't. Because it's not their job.

Comment Re:Really slashdot? (Score 1) 447

With every other product in the world you have a refund period.

I'm OK with a refund period. I just want Internet whiners and hate-swarmers to grow up and stop burdening everyone with their foolishness and entitlement.

Everyone had the chance to know whatever they needed to know to make an informed choice. But that requires being a grownup and waiting a week or two to buy.

Is there a demo of NMS? I don't pre-order any games and if there isn't a playing demo download, the chances of me buying it are zero.

Cool. Thanks for being a grownup. Let's ask others to grow up now.

But if a game really sucks, a refund is a reasonable solution. If somebody has bought dozens of games and only asked for a refund once, it's pretty fair to say that this should be the publisher's problem.

It doesn't suck. It's ok. It's just not "great" and the minimalistic gameplay isn't fun for some people.

I think Sony's policy is one lifetime refund on a digital purchase as a courtesy. That seems about right.

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