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Journal sm62704's Journal: Trolling at Farley's

Mines a tale that cant be told,
My freedom I hold dear;

I guess I got to ramble on,
And nows the time, the time is now
To sing my song.

The new word of the day is "corporatti". That's the rich people who control the mainstream media and have chandeliers and red carpets in their horse barns.

If you made a comment to a comment I made and am wondering why I neglected to answer you, it's because all of a sudden it's as if I'm not logged on. I'm waiting a LOOOOONG time to not get the "slow down cowboy".

It appears that other slashdotters have noticed this, too. It's annoying, especially considering that slashdot's trying to become a "myspace for nerds" with friends, foes, freaks, fans, and fishheads, and their "message center".

"You have 30 new messages waiting for you, and 5 old ones." Yeah, well with a five minute wait between posts It's gonna take a while.

Is this slashdot's answer to the need to upgrade server capacity? I noticed that Friday it was pretty slow loading pages, I was afraid I slashdotted slashdot by linking slashdot on slashdot again.

But enough slashdot, you want to hear about women and drinking and more women. Oh yeah, and women.

No whores today, sorry.

Saturday morning I got up to the smell of frying eggs. That's one of the advantages of having a fat woman stayng with you.

We ate, drank our coffee, and went to the bank to cash a check, then to Farley's.

As we sat there drinking our minipitcher, an elderly old geezer sat on the other side of Tami taking notes with a pencil on a white pad of paper.

Farley's will let anybody in there. Kind of like slashdot.

Tami spied Bobo at the other end of the bar. "There's that asshole Bobo", she said. "I ought to lick your face just to give him something to talk about!"

"Ewww!" I said. "Please don't!"

She thought the thought was funny. If it had been anyone else whose face she'd threatened to lick I might have found it humorous. I had been trolled by the very troll I brought in with me!

The old guy with the pencil kept looking towards us, then looking away as we looked over. It kind of spooked me a little, but Tami, AKA Lucy Furr, wasn't the least bit perturbed.

"Do you MIND?" she finally said to the old coot. "You're getting way too close there, buddy. My brother and I are trying to enjoy our date! And it isn't easy finding a babysitter for our kid!"

The old man got a horrified expression on his face and left.

We laughed our asses off until the pitcher was done, and went to Felbers, since I don't like drinking more that two beers that far from home.

Well, and the beer's cheaper at Felber's, too. Which is strange, because Farley's is a shithole dump downtown right across from the train station, while Felber's is a nice respectable redneck bar in the middle of the ghetto.

Crazy Debbie got herself barred from Felber's. Nobody gets barred from Farley's.

Back in cyberspace, slashdot had a thread titled Google's Shareholders Vote Against Human Rights.

Google's shareholders have mod points, it seems! And unlike the two guys that started Google and made it what it is today; no, strike that, made it what it WAS before the boys who control the root of all evil got hold of it, they don't know HTML.

The worship of mammon, our national religion, forbids laughter. The root of all evil can't abide jocularity. Especially when their golden cow is the butt of the joke.

They don't have a fucking clue how HTML works, either.

Going for "funny" I replied Do<strike>no</strike> evil. Now, those of you who dabble in HTML and post at slashdot know how this particular thing is constructed at slashdot, where there is no <strike> tag. It looks something like this: <b>do</b>&;lt;strike>no&;lt;/strike><b>evil</b>

The freak "anonymous coward" is obviously a google shareholder. It wrote (as ignorant of grammar as HTML) "Google has to listen to it's investors. Also, if you plan on trolling, at least use the preview button. Fucking newfag."

Emphasis is mine; the poor illiterate doesn't know that it's he's she's it's, and his, hers, its.

I don't know what a "newfag" is. Is that the first cigarette a Brit pulls out of the package?

It looks like there was a modwar on that comment. Another AC answered (or was it the same guy?) "'Newfag'? Fucking 4chan-reading imbecile."

Apparently I'm not the only one never to have heard that particular... is it an insult? I would imagine it must be, as I was accused of trolling. From the linked Wikipedia article:

An Internet troll, or simply troll in Internet slang, is someone who posts controversial and usually irrelevant or off-topic messages in an online community, such as an online discussion forum or chat room, with the intention of baiting other users into an emotional response[1] or to generally disrupt normal on-topic discussion.[2]

Sorry, mr ac, if you were trying to insult me with the "fag" moniker, you're going to have to try harder. Call me a "fag" in meatspace and I'll laugh at you. Only homosexuals are offended by "fag", you dimwitted coward.

Well, striking the "not" from Google's "do no evil" is certainly not controversial any more, since they do not, in fact, support human rights any more (and was the subject of TFA).

Why whether or not a search engine is evil would be controversial is beyond me. Their search engine is certainly the best on the internet, but their purchase of the dastardly doubleclick, an entirely evil company whose only purpose is internet stalking, certainly is evil.

Google put the lie to "do no evil" when it bought doubleclick.

I must not be the only one to whom "newfag" is new. Mr. Baggins (s4ck) wrote

i like this one. newfag. what the hell ever it means.. why new? i'll try to call someone that at the office.. see what happened.
as far a 4chan-reading imbecile.. what is 4chan?

i like reading /. ... always something new to learn through the redundancy... hmmmm...

Klaus replied "Evil in who's eyes? Robbing shareholders of profits can be seen as evil too."

This is a good point, even if Santa doesn't know that "who's" is the contraction for "who is". Amazing that intelligent nerds can be illiterate (but I've been guilty of illiteracy at times myself, particularly when I don't get my coffee). Mammon worshipers' religious pursuit of profits is, to mammon worshipers, the ultimate good and anything that keeps the rich from aggregating the wealth created by the poor is in their eyes, evil.

I never looked at it that way. To a mammon worshiper, "do no evil" means "you must make as much money as possible, and harm as many non-stockholders as possible".

Maxo-Texas points out, oblivious of the tenets of mameity, that "Google is helping to censor and erase the existence of chinese citizens. Yahoo is helping to imprison people for their speech. Both are giving aid and comfort to an enemy government."

But giving aid and comfort to whose enemy? Google has shareholders all over the world! Like ADM, it is NOT an American company. If it were, it would be owned by Americans.

Amazing how a zero rated "troll" can generate such good discussion. If that was a troll, I need to troll more.

I wonder if the coot we saw at Farley's is at slashdot?

Tami's family has money. When she was young, they raised show horses. When she was young, she showed them at horse shows. She says she ate, breathed, and lived horses. She was reading a novel about horse shows (and the author's first name was, coincidentally, Tami) and she'd read a paragraph out of it as I was driving.

The book was incredibly ignorant. The passage said that there were rich and poor showing horses, and I interrupted her.

"What the fuck? Poor people don't have horses! I'm middle class and I can't afford a horse!"

"Well, compared to some of the other owners, we were poor. We were lucky to afford a stall at the faigrounds, the rich people had whole buildings, with chandeliers and red carpet!"

"In a BARN?"

"Yeah, those are rich people. Everybody else is poor."

I dropped her at the library so she could trade the horse book she'd just finished for some murder mystery or other and went to Farley's.

"Pitcher?" Tammy asked. "No, it's just me today and it'll get hot before I finish it. Just a glass, please."

Halfway throught the glass and the old guy comes in with his note pad - and again sits down next to me. But my troll was at the library, so I didn't have any fun.

Well, ok, I did have a little fun. I cut a silent but deadly fart, loudly asked "Who farted?" and glared at the old fart sitting next to me with his pad and pencil.

He left.

As I was starting on my second beer, the phone rang. Sheila, the owner, (who the horse-showing rich people with chandelliers in the barns would consider poor) answered it. "No, he's not here."

I got Tammy's attention. "That wasn't for me, was it?"

It wasn't. "I left Tami my phone and she's supposed to call me when she's ready for me to get her, would you let me know?"

Soon enough the call came, and I went to collect Tami, whose poor familiy showed horses.

If you've been in Farley's with a pad of paper... man, you're in the wrong bar. You could get hurt in there. I mean, Roger beat the shit out of some woman one night, and I hear she's a badass. You need to go next door to the gay bar, I'm sure the people in there are more interesting than a bunch of pot smoking hippies and alcoholics.

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Trolling at Farley's

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