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Journal sm62704's Journal: I should have kept my mouth shut dammit 2

First, sorry about the lack of any real "mcgrew journals" this week, It's been hectic and I've not had a lot of extra time. So I apoligise that this isn't one, either. I'll try to whip one or two out this weekend and post it/them next week. If the muse kisses me, that is.

But this journal is in response to an annoyance. In the thread about the Pope denouncing biotech, a troll named grub said

Who gives two shits what a kook who believes in invisible super-beings things? The man is irrational and would gladly have us living back in the dark ages.
cult (n): a small, unpopular religion
religion (n): a large, popular cult

When I read it, it was marked "2, insightful". I had fit of foolish pique at the poor deluded intolerant soul whistling past the graveyard making fun of the religious like some God damned seventh grade jock making fun of a nerd's taped glasses, and I responded

Insightful? The above post shows no insight whatever. God is NOT an"invisible super-beings thing". That would be a black hole or an antiphoton, not God. God is only invisible to those who close their eyes to him.

I am deeply offended by the parent poster's rhetoric. The above post was flambait and should be modded as such, whatever your beliefs. Do I have to flame your God Damned ass to prove it to the stupoid fucktard mods?

Fuck off, asshole.
Don't try to outweird me, three eyes" -Zaphod []

The "fuck off, asshole" was inserted to illustrate the fact that the post was flamebait.

My comment was modded "troll" (although 20% of mods modded it "interesting"). But the flamebait I responded to was eventually modded correctly as the flamebait it was.

If you hurl insults, your comment is flamebait. Insult me at slashdot and I'll flame you. I don't care about the damned karma. Insult me in a bar after too many shots and I may get us both arrested. Uh, actually that I would care about.

I once joked (don't remember where, comment or journal? Too busy right now to check) "If you mod me down I shall become more powerful than you can imagine". Someone's using that as his sig now. You guys shouldn't do that, my sense of self-importance is too great as it is. ;)

But I saw another sig yesterday that fits here perfectly. "Karma: Excellent. Try again, modboy!"

Far too many mods mod an opinion they don't agree with as "troll". But the karma wheel turns and will wind up crushing those who mod as such. There is a thing called "metamoderation". Your mods themselves will be moderated.

Another slashdotter's sig comes to mind: If you disagree, don't mod, comment instead.

But the thing is, what is it about so many slashdot athiests that makes them so defensive and obnoxious? You do see those presenting rational, well though, intelligent views on the subject, but most simply mock religion and those who practice religion.

Do your wishes come true? All but one of my prayers have. And I'm not entirely convinced that that one won't, too. A lot of people, when I bemoan the lack of that one thing, are convinced that I will indeed get that one unanswered prayer answered as well.

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I should have kept my mouth shut dammit

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  • Just meta-modded and marked 2 troll mods as unfair. Why - exactly what you were talking about.
    • by sm62704 ( 957197 )
      Thanks, perhaps it will keep them from further moderation.

      Someone else's sig applies here, it says "Karma: Excellent. Try again, modboy!" Odd when a reasoned and logical and heartfelt comment is marked "troll" while an insulting comment is marked" insightful". The mods did well there, though, the "insightful" comment was finally marked as the flamebait it was.

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