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Journal sm62704's Journal: It ends before it begins 2

Women 101:

  • Treat a whore like a lady and she'll act like a lady
  • Treat a lady like a whore and she'll go to bed with you.
  • If you want pussy, act like a prick

The story so far...
The Paxil Diaries (2003-2005)
A Paxil Diary Christmas Story
A Letter from Prison

  1. Mo' Moe, and a nerd license suspension
  2. Harry's Adult Day Care
  3. "Sweet little Anorexia" part 2
  4. Home cooking
  5. Part five

I called Mo as I was walking out the door from work, and drove by the high-rise where she lived to pick her up. She kissed me when she got in the car.

I went by the bank and cashed a check, and we went to Darcy's.

Darcy's pint is supposed to be an authentic Irish pub with authentic Irish cuisine, and has a dozen tappers stocked with Irish beer. It's affordable, the food is excellent and so is the staff, so it's usually packed with people. We went so early to avoid waiting. If you wait until dinner time to eat dinner there you're going to starve before you get a table.

It's my favorite restaraunt. Take a lady there and she thinks you're spending a fortune, because it's a really nice place. But it's not expensive.

We had a nice time. After dinner we drove to my house, where I had visions of wanton sex.

It was not to be - Amy had come home. I went through the door, Mo in tow. "Honey, I'm home!" I exclaimed.

"I knew you were going to say that," Amy replied.

Mo gave me a funny look. We sat at the table and chatted with Amy, until I took Mo home. Then I drank with Amy until well past midnight.

I woke up to the sound of tapping on my window. I looked out, and it was "Ann". I hadn't seen Ann for quite a while. Ann's a little heavy, but not bad looking. And she only charges me ten bucks! I think she's kind of sweet on me, but fool that I am I'm not fool enough to fall for a hooker.

Amy was sleeping on the couch, and I snuck Ann in quietly, closed the bedroom door, and...

Well this was going to be a pleasant day! I took her home and we parted, me ten dollars poorer and she ten dollars richer. I promised to not wait so long before calling her, now that I had a working phone number. I stopped back by the bank, as I was planning on travelling to St Louis and gasoline is a million dollars a gallon. That's what we get, I guess, for putting an oil man in the White House.

Amy was up when I got back home, looking forward to having the house to herself.

I called Mike and let him know I was on the way. He said he would be at Jeff's for a while, so I drove to Cahokia.

I grew up in Cahokia, around the block from Jeff's house, which he's lived in all his life. Mike grew up in Cahokia, too, but bought fifteen or so acres in Columbia, which is a little south of Dupo.

Bob was there, and Bob had some weed. My phone wouldn't give me any peace so I shut the ringer off. After a while we all went to Mike's, where I was to look at his computer. His wife had bought a Dell three or four years ago, and it was bricked. Something in the CMOS had the video on standby, and even putting a different video card in it didn't help. I was going to order a bare bones case, power supply, motherboard and memory from JDR and put his drives from the Dell in it, FDISK the hard drive and install Linux.

He had a different computer there, and it was capable of internet access. As Mike's out in the country there's no broadband, so since all they really needed a computer for was internet he was good to go. I told him all he had to do was contact his ISP and get his user name, password, and dialup number.

Mo had said to call her when I got back in town, so I was anxious to go home. On the way home, Amy called. She was with her boyfriend, wanting me to look up a number. I told her I'd call when I got home.

I did, and by then she no longer needed the number. I asked if she was coming home, she didn't know. I said call first, because I was going to call Mo.

Mo thought I was a different Steve, and laughed and talked about how she'd invited some stranger to her apartment. "I'm in bed now, I wonder if he's coming?"

Mo was a ho! As many whores as I know and here I was thinking this whore was a lady. Maybe it's because she's my age, I don't know, although I pegged "Oprah" as soon as I met her; she has "the look". Mo just looks like somebody's grandma.

I was in bed before 9:00.

Sunday morning I saw that someone had called from Tami's, and Amy's BF's number was there too. I called him, he said she had been trying to get hold of me and she thought I had been with Mo so she'd had him drop her off at Tami's. I called over there, then went and picked them up.

I was still upset about the previous evening's phone call, of course. The three of us started drinking, and I got shitfaced.

I called Mo and told her in no pleasant or courteous terms that we were done, unless she wanted to earn five bucks. This was a deliberate insult, the same as calling her what they call in the ghetto a "busdown".

No mo' Mo.

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It ends before it begins

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  • Just clicked on your sig lately and read the journal entry that is no longer open to more comments -- so I'm posting it here.

    My father had exactly the same condition as you a few years ago -- except that his eyesight was not that bad to begin with, he must have had something like 20/40 and 20/30 eyesight with his right and left eye respectively. Like you, he started to feel the need to remove his glasses when reading at the age of 50 (or little before) and suddenly his eyesight dropped dramatically at the

    • by sm62704 ( 957197 )
      Thank you! As to the UV, I don't think he (or I) have to worry about it. UV can cause cataracts, but once you've had cataract surgery, they eye that was operated on can no longer get a cataract.

      If there are other dangers from UV to the eye besides cataracts I'd like to know about them. My biggest worry about my eyesight is torn retinas; I already had one, and the more nearsighted you are (or were if you had cataract surgery) the more likely you'll have a torn retina.

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