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Journal sm62704's Journal: Seven: the final chapter

No, I'm not talking about bankrupcy; that was '04. I'm talking about the year seven, which is over in a few days. I'm not likely to write any more journals this year.

I should have done this in the last journal but what the hell.

The story starts back in '02 when my ex left and I took Paxil, drank, and wrote diaries at K5. They became known as "the Paxil Diaries" and to my great surprise became popular. Folks there seemed to like how I wrote; almost everything I submitted was posted, seventeen stories in all, and most of what was posted got the front page.

Then I pissed off a K5 editor with a story I intended to be humorous, but the humorless prick was offended and began a vendetta against me. I wound up being banned for crapflooding, and Rusty himself reinstated my account with an apology. Apparently I'm the only one to ever be banned for crapflooding where all the crap was posted and three of four posted to the front page!

But Pete kept up his vendetta and I finally had enough, and left. I stopped writing for a while, then started posting my stuff to my own web site, but with a catch- there were no links to it, so I wouldn't repeat my K5 celebrity but would still have an outlet for my frustration.

Then I started posting to /. again. And the slashdot journals started looking like the K5 diaries.

So here are the "Paxil Diary-like" journals, layed out as chapters in a book. I've already taken the Paxil Diaries and put them in book form, one of these days I'll get around to publishing both volumes. Oddly, the journal before last, A Paxil Diary Christmas Story, was the final chapter of the second volume. The first volume ends with Fifty Cents (Believe it or not) where I finally got a blow job from some whore that walked up to me on the street as I was walking home.

Here so far are the Slashdot Chronicles: Tales of drunken whoredom, 2007.

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A bit of an update to "The Story So Far:" Amy broke up with her Boyfriend last night, Tami's husband has been stalking and harrassing Amy trying to get in her pants, so Tami's on the outs with him. Last night she showed up wearing makeup and seemed crestfallen that Amy was there, as if she wanted to get in my pants.

And I wound up not getting laid, my nerd license still intact. Nobody's surprised, I'm sure.

Here's wishing you a happy and healthy eight, and may your nerd license be often suspended.

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Seven: the final chapter

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