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Comment Re:This is a war. Fight back. (Score 1) 305

ISPs demanding money for the same access you currently have is no different from the Mafia demanding protection money so that nice store doesn't burn down.

No it's not you can just change ISP. If there is only one ISP then maybe that's more to do with the government or you living in some place in the middle of no where. You are essentally just calling for a government take over of the internet. I say take away all the legal privileges etc that telecom/cable companies have so as to force them to respond to actual consumer demand.

Comment Re:Hit them back (Score 1) 783

Taxation is theft, it is uncivilised by definition. Why is it wrong for one person to rob another but its called "good government" if a million people say it's okay to steal? You're propagating pure nonsense.

Just because taxes pay for roads that doesn't mean that taxes are needed for civilisation, I mean the government doesn't need to provide shoe shops. Although if it did have a shoe monopoly I know you would be on here saying how no one would have shoes if it weren't for taxes.

And anyway, if these people got their money legitimately (e.g. not through government contracts, subsidies, theft (I repeat my self.)) they've already done more for society buy making products and services that people want to buy. And they've done it voluntarily.

If the government was so fucking great and everyone wanted it taxation wouldn't be needed.

And another thing, how is paying hundreds of billions of dollars to go and kill brown people in foreign countries anything near civilised? It's preposterous that people believe this stuff, though in a dark way it is pretty hilarious.

Comment Re:Do No Evil (Score 1) 809

It's their duty to give as little away as possible to government. If they don't shelter it that'd be just more tanks, planes etc for the US to bomb innocent people in far away countries.

And anyway, from my perspective they just give me free stuff, I don't even notice the adverts on their website. There would be less of that free useful stuff if they had to give away more for whatever social engineering projects those crackpot politicians have.

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