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Submission + - Tight-arse vendors ??

slincolne writes: Does anyone have any interesting stories of 'tight arse' vendors who skimp on the deliverables ? Recently I've been involved in the delivery of some high end enterprise grade storage, and it's amazing what doesn't come with hardware that costs over a million dollars.

For example, one of the techs asked if we had an allen key so he could pop off a panel — of course none came with it and the previous tech brought his own tools and (naturally) took them away.

A Brocade 47k director (high five figures) needs 4 x 15A power cables — it ships with one set (the wrong ones naturally). It used to be that equipment like this came with multiple sets depending on where they were shipping, or at least you got the option to order the type you need.

They don't even bother shipping with cable ties or velcro.

Now HP used to ship torx keys with their servers (before they went tool-less) and they come with velcro and cable ties so you can rack and cable them neatly. If you buy a domestic ADSL router they come with all the cables (some even include spitters).

Whats's the problem with vendors these days — why is it that they can't get the basics right and ship a complete unit that has everything the customer needs to get them racked and lit up ?

Does anyone have any similar stories ?

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