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Comment Re:Who chose to pursue this case? (Score 2) 644

My son, for example, has been seeing this girl for maybe two months at most now. He just took her to planned parenthood for birth control pills. I'm probably going to become a grandfather soon. He doesn't understand it. She is "taking control of the birth control issue for him." There are some things I can tell him and a lot more I cannot... you know, because he already knows everything and has it all under control.

Parenting fail. I was taught as a male to take responsibility for my own reproductive health, regardless of what the woman was doing. Why isn't your son doing the same? Condoms at the very least...


FBI's Facebook Monitoring Leads To Arrest In England 329

An anonymous reader writes "The BBC reports that armed police were called to a UK school earlier today after being advised of a potential threat by the FBI. The school stated that the FBI 'raised the alarm after Internet scanning software picked up a suspicious combination of words,' strongly implying that they are carrying out routine, automated surveillance of social networking sites. While in this case it does appear that there may have been a genuine threat, the story nonetheless raises significant privacy concerns."

How Nintendo's Mario Got His Name 103

harrymcc writes "In 1981, tiny Nintendo of America was getting ready to release Donkey Kong. When the company's landlord, Mario Segale, demanded back rent, Nintendo staffers named the game's barrel-jumping protagonist after him. Almost thirty years later, neither Nintendo — which continues to crank out Mario games — nor Segale — now a wealthy, secretive Washington State real estate developer — like to talk about how one of video games' iconic characters got his name and Italian heritage. Technologizer's Benj Edwards has researched the story for years and provides the most detailed account to date."

Comment You were not backed up... (Score 1) 780

"Some have asked whether or not we had back ups. Yes, we dutifully backed up our servers every day. Unfortunately, we backed up the servers between our two servers. The hacker took out both servers, destroying our ability to use one or the other back up to remedy the situation."

SO, what you are saying is: "I'm incompetant and I haven't backed my shit up" A pity.

Comment Civil disobedience (Score 1) 353

Here in Canada, I take huge excecption to photo violations, be it speed or red-light. The attitude towards them stinks, and people usually say "there's no points, just pay it", I feel this mentality is wrong for 2 reasons: 1- In Canada, you are given a ticket based on registration. You are guilty by association! So if I have a vehicle I lend to a friend or family member, and they go and get a ticket I am automatically held guilty. I've been to court over this essentially telling them "prove it was me" and the judge always lets it stand. Its not technically legal. 2- The reason in this article (greed) . These systems are huge revenue generators and are not entirely about safety. Tell me something, when you get a random photo-speed ticket, do you even remember the event and does it affect your driving? Personally having an officer "remind" me, and write a ticket usually lasts quite a while. the first reason is scary. once there is precident of someone being held guilty just by association, does that mean a gun that I have registered to me, that is lent or stolen and used in a crime automatically means I am guilty? Its a far jump.. but still a slippery slope. What I firmly believe in is the use of IR jammers or some kind of way of obscuring one's plate until the powers that be can *HONESTLY* apply these systems. Perhaps putting the revenues into a charity or something, having public accountability and a way to honestly dispute a ticket. We should fight it because it is unfair.

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