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Comment Re: Where's "profit" in that (Score 1) 476

If I loan the money to the farmers to upgrade their farms, lend the money to the populace to buy their houses, cars, gadgets and toys. They pay me interest. The smart ones will pay off the principal too, but many won't be able to. So, in the end, they will not be able to afford the payments, and I will own the land, the houses, the cars, and the gadgets. If the propositions to eliminate bankruptcy, that i have heard about in the US, go through, then I will still be owed all the money as well as owning the properties, and toys. I think that is akin to slavery, but to me, that would be profit. I could afford all the food I can eat, while those arond me strive to survive. The profit is not for the economy, it is for the bankers - those few that own the biggest of the banks. The same ones that got all those bonuses when Obama handed out that big cheque a few years ago.

Comment Re:I wonder how much was skimmed by the bag men (Score 2) 196

Hey, if some guy around the world stole for me and skimmed a little off the top, would I care too much if I received $30,000,000 instead of the $35,000,000 I was thinking I would receive? Then there is the flip side... With all the money the banks have lost in recent years, forcing foreclosures, lost jobs, and so forth, maybe it was not so much that the guys "at the top" got the money, but that the banks lost it. What was their intention? Get rich, or rob from the rich?

Comment Re:The trouble with using Google accounts (Score 1) 91

I have not taken this "inconvenient" step to secure my account, simply because I a) do not have a physical dongle, b) do not have a mobile phone - not even one that does not receive SMS messages, and c) I also don't have a smart phone to install a smart phone app. Now, I also do not have a google account, and so long as is not absorbed by them, I should be safe.

Comment Re:lol privacy (Score 1) 457

I would have to agree. Much as I dislike it, there is no privacy, "on my watch". Too many digital cameras with photos to facebook. Too many security cameras. To much data collection. I am sure my bank has a better idea of how much I actually drive, and where I go, based on where I use my debit and credit cards. So, yeah. Privacy? Not on my watch, not until the end of civilization as we have come to know it.

Comment Re:My answer (Score 1) 525

It is not a search engine per say, but if you look for flights from companies in countries that are not the US, but are on the continent, you can find lots. Being Canadian, Air Canada is the obvious choice... lots of flights to/from Europe, connect in Cnaada and continue onto countries in Central and South America. I am sure Aero Mexico offers some European flights direct to Mexico and then connect again.

Submission + - Virtualbox for tax software 2

slashdyke writes: My main and only computer system runs Ubuntu 12.04LTS. I like it, it works well, and it runs almost all the software I need it to. The exception to this rule, happenes in about a month from now at tax time. I use a windows based incometax package. I have yet to find one that works in linux for Canadian taxes.

So, I googled installing windows on a linux box, and up popped virtualbox. having never heard of it before, I thought I would ask how it works for you? It it a good solution? Is it the only solution? Is it a safe solution, ie, does it leave my system open to windows based virii?

Please tell me what you know... Thanks!

Comment Re:Buy crap tools! (Score 5, Interesting) 416

Actually, buy the cheapest set of tools that you can find that copntains the bulk of what you will be needing. You will have a little of everything. Then as a tool is used it will wear out. Replace the worn one with a quality item, since you obviously use it. In five years when you need another tool that you have never used, you will have a brand new one still in its box. Carolyn

Comment Re:Stalking vs Surveillance (Score 1) 387

I am just curious about the recording audio comment. If you are referring to his recording peoples speach, then any camera pointing at someone's face does the same for lip readers. Granted they won't be able to read your lips when you are facing away from the camera, but in some places there are enough cameras that there is no 'looking away'.

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