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Comment Re: When can we expect a ban? (Score 1) 202

Sorry, but you don't get throw OUR Fourth Amendment under the bus just because you're a pussy that's so bad at math you don't realize you're about a thousand times more likely to get bit by a shark and then struck by lightning than to die from a terrorist attack. Go cower in the corner and shut the fuck up. That's what cowards are good for.

Comment Re:The Discrimination is about wages, not age (Score 1) 207

That said I would not hire somebody older in the West even if they accepted a lower pay because I don't want to be on the wrong side of a discrimination an so called 'human rights' lawsuit in case I have to fire that person

Well then, now you'll be on the wrong side of a discrimination lawsuit because you've documented an illegal practice of discrimination. You better hope that you never get sued and some smarty-pants lawyer makes your social network postings part of discovery, because that post you just wrote will come out and you'll go straight into settlement and writing a BIG check. Good luck with that.

To the rest of you, repeat after me: "We would *never* discriminate because of age, period. It goes against our core values! Our interviewers don't even *know* the age of applicants until well into the process, and even then they never ask. Our HR professionals conduct regular training on managing age biases. We regularly hire kids out of college and seniors coming back from retirement They work fantastically together, seamlessly combining the youthful enthusiasm and beginner's eyes of our younger hires with the sage experience and learned restraint from our more mature hires!"

Comment Re:Newsflash (Score 1) 519

I could go on all day. Of course, you'll suggest he became "enlightened" in the former case, and in the latter case you'll likely say something assumptive about motives and such

You would need to, because yea, his change of heart on marriage equality was to recognize that gays are covered by the 14th Amendment, like everyone else is. It recognized rights of people. His claim that you can keep your doctor was correct -- his law said nothing about forcing people to change doctors. The market did that all on its own.

Both of these statements were reasonable and well supported given what he knew at the time he spoke them, given what WE knew at the time he spoke them.

The "wiretapping" bullshit? Not so much. The lie about him releasing his tax returns? Nope. The lie about draining the swamp? No. The lie about divestiture? Nope.

Comment Re:But .. but but but. Bullshit. (Score 1) 504

Well, first of all NatGas is extracted through pipelines, so no. Also, oil is shipped long distances via trains. Finally, until you can drill a well through a pipeline, then you're you are missing (by far) the largest road cost: the 600-1600 truck loads of drilling equipment required for EACH well.

Comment Re:Both are important (Score 1) 442

Methinks you lack imagination or a basic appreciation of history. Humans existed for quite some time before the advent of the fiction we call "corporations", and there is no reason we cannot invent other systems of capital organization that have different operating characteristics.

What it is you find so amazingly wonderful about the Corporation that you feel we simply cannot survive without?

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