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Comment Re: Finally, the gloves will come off! (Score 1) 1054

The closest thing to a gay gene

Not all physical conditions are expressed via genetics. We have things like epigenes, proteins and environmental factors and about a gazllion other things that change someone's "physical condition".

Without observing a person's behavior or asking them, how could you possibly determine sexual preference? It is not an objective condition

  1. What difference does it make if sexual orientation is objective or subjective, or both?
  2. How does the observableness of a thing affect it's subjectivity/objectivity?
  3. Who (other than self-righteous assholes) gives a flying fuck if being gay or straight is a choice?
  4. Has it ever occurred to you that the act of sex is a choice, but the preference for sexual partners isn't? I.e. someone is capable of choosing a sexual partner that isn't their preference?

Comment Re:Toys (Score 1) 192

You seem to be confusing "perfect" with "good". There is no such thing as a silver bullet possible in any of the problems created by the Second Amendment -- only useful tools. Like serial numbers. Nobody claims serial numbers are always useful; only sometimes useful, and that's good enough to justify their existence.

Comment Re: Never (Score 0) 401

Typical Clintonian excuse. "As far as we know" doesn't mean shit

Typical Trump 2016 response. "As far as we know" means exactly that. You going on to state a list of (uncited) indicators does not mean we know things were stolen. Since a negative can never be proven, your attempt to introduce a probability into the equation is fallacious.

But being a leftwinger, you probably do not understand the word "obligation" in this context

I'm curious how you identified an AC as a "leftwinger" for your condescending remark? As far as I can see, the only thing you have to go on is his logical repetition of the facts of the matter disagree with your dislike of Secretary Clinton.

Comment Re:Reading comprehension failure (Score 1) 396

Tell the FDA to stop requiring the same drug to be re-approved by each vendor in a very expensive and years-long process and instead switch to the presumption that THE DRUG ITSELF

They already do this; it's called the Abbreviated New Drug Application. This process was created as a result of an act of Congress, so if you have a problem with it, talk to Congress.

It was a further government encroachment and step to even further government meddling that keeps making things worse, and would only exacerbate the core problem created by our "friends" in places like the UK and Canada who do it.

lolWUT??? Every corporation in the world that negotiates prices is an efficient enterprise, but when a government agency does it, it's "meddling in the free market"? What the fuck kind of idiocy is this? Do you honestly expect people to be stupid enough to believe that if foreign governments were as stupid as we are in drug pricing policy, that the pharma companies would lower our prices? Do you honestly expect people to be stupid enough to believe that the prices charged have ANY relation to R&D costs? Have you seen the Pfizer, Novartis or Roche P&Ls?

Comment Re: Autopilot will disengage (Score 1) 154

We're getting pedantic. The vast, VAST majority of "autopilots" in the world today are 2 or 3 axis (pitch, roll and possibly yaw). They aren't "intelligent" in terms of doing anything more than taking inputs from the VSI, compass, altimeter and autogyro and leveling the wings, keeping a set altitude/attitude and centering the ball. Just because a tiny fraction of autopilots can do Cat IIIc autolanding and some hook up with TCAS and/or ADS-B doesn't make them fucking aircraft pilots. And yet this little magic black box is still called an "autopilot" and nobody gives 2 shits about it, even when it's the cause of a crash.

In the same manner, people losing their shit about Tesla's use of a moniker that's been used for 50 years for something that was less sophisticated than my ancient IBM Selectric typewriter are fucking morons. If the name was "DoobaDooba" instead of "Autopilot", the same idiots would STILL be doing the same dumbfuck things and getting into the same dumbfuck accidents.

The "autopilot" in a plane is not a pilot, and the "autopilot" in a Tesla is not a driver. Please stop perpetuating this monstrously stupid double standard.

Comment Re: Good (Score 1) 564

Considering the primary reason Ireland has so many technology companies is because of the sweetheart deals it made on taxes, if this ruling stands, the stampede of companies exiting combined with the total absence of new companies to replace them would be pretty punishing. As far as "punishing Apple" goes, they have lawyers, and they're pretty smart I hear. They had to have known there was a risk this would happen. If a deal is too good to be true, it probably is -- unless your lawyers can work an even better deal. We will see.

Comment Re: Good (Score 1) 564

Cool. So would money spent on things like bridges, schools, police, fire fighters, scientific research and space exploration, just to name a few, and those things have the benefit of making our society better, safer and smarter. The military is a fine thing, but it does jack shit for advancing the state of Humanity.

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