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Comment Re:But .. but but but. Bullshit. (Score 1) 504

Well, first of all NatGas is extracted through pipelines, so no. Also, oil is shipped long distances via trains. Finally, until you can drill a well through a pipeline, then you're you are missing (by far) the largest road cost: the 600-1600 truck loads of drilling equipment required for EACH well.

Comment Re:Both are important (Score 1) 442

Methinks you lack imagination or a basic appreciation of history. Humans existed for quite some time before the advent of the fiction we call "corporations", and there is no reason we cannot invent other systems of capital organization that have different operating characteristics.

What it is you find so amazingly wonderful about the Corporation that you feel we simply cannot survive without?

Comment Re:America hates Hillary Clinton (Score 1) 1069

Spare me your condescension and don't get all pissy at me because you said something stupid and demonstrably wrong. I don't need an explanation of how it works. I can read the 12th Amendment.

The EC exists to give votes from smaller states more weight in the total. I get it. But that means by definition, a vote from Rhode Island is worth more than a vote from California. Eliminating the EC would give those votes the same weight. Note that I am NOT calling for the elimination of the EC, or even it's reform. I'm only pointing out that 1 equals 1.

Comment Re:America hates Hillary Clinton (Score 1) 1069

What you want to do is eliminate the college so California votes will count for much more than the rest of the county

Actually, eliminating the EC will make California votes count exactly as much as the rest of the country. 1 vote in California will equal 1 vote from Rhode Island or Alaska.

Comment Re:heck of a choice (Score 1) 488

Why not? There's still people around here blaming Bush...

Perhaps you are unfamiliar with the idea of "history"?

  • Bush will ALWAYS be the guy who ignored warnings about 9/11, and on whose watch we were attacked.
  • Bush will ALWAYS be the guy who ran the economy into the ground.
  • Bush will ALWAYS be the guy who started a war in Iraq and got more than 5,000 service men and women killed on a lie.

Those things will never change. So yea, he will always get the blame for them, because that's how history works.

Comment Re:And on January 21... (Score 1) 98

Aw jeez Donald, don't you have a business to bankrupt? Here's a clue, you can't have it both ways. You can't in one breath say

had a campaign plank to change the First Amendment, and they were doing it in the guise of campaign finance reform

and than in the next breath say

anyone who claims that Democrats "want to get the money out of politics" is FULL OF SHIT.

Because action "A" is directly contradicting claim "B".

Comment Re: Finally, the gloves will come off! (Score 1) 1058

The closest thing to a gay gene

Not all physical conditions are expressed via genetics. We have things like epigenes, proteins and environmental factors and about a gazllion other things that change someone's "physical condition".

Without observing a person's behavior or asking them, how could you possibly determine sexual preference? It is not an objective condition

  1. What difference does it make if sexual orientation is objective or subjective, or both?
  2. How does the observableness of a thing affect it's subjectivity/objectivity?
  3. Who (other than self-righteous assholes) gives a flying fuck if being gay or straight is a choice?
  4. Has it ever occurred to you that the act of sex is a choice, but the preference for sexual partners isn't? I.e. someone is capable of choosing a sexual partner that isn't their preference?

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