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Comment Re: So just rename it then? (Score 1) 330

This is not me disagreeing with you on any of the substantial points you've made, but, they could very easily build a sensor into the steering wheel that detects if the hands have been removed and start a countdown with both visual and audio cues to "Please make sure your hands are on the wheel at all times! Autopilot will disengage in 10 seconds...".

In airplanes, the manufacturers build in a stick shaker that gives the pilot an unmistakable warning that something bad is happening and to fucking pay attention RIGHT NOW. For TCAS it gives verbal deconfliction warnings ("Turn left! Dive!") (and tells the other plane to "turn right! climb!"). Maybe a shocker isn't such a bad idea ;)

Comment Re:Tor Canary: Tweet Tweet Cough Croak (Score 1) 105

I think TOR is doing a great job, however, of protecting privacy from the likes of Google and Facebook. If that's your goal, TOR is a great tool.

I think you've really hit upon the crux of the "why do I care?" question.

For me, Tor is about securing my privacy from those who would exploit it; it's about securing my day-to-day rather pedestrian concerns which mainly revolve around not giving personal information to advertisers that I haven't consented to. Those do NOT include kiddie pr0n or anything that a nation-state would give a flying fuck about. I'm not trading in state secrets.

Therefore, for me, Tor is just fine. For people involved in kiddie pr0n or trading state secrets, well, fuck those guys. Not my problem.

Comment Re:Of course he did. (Score 1) 289

A secret email server is a private email server that is not controlled by the government but by a private individual or other legal entity. Stop playing dumb.

Stop inventing definitions. @Tourney asked an honest question and your snark does not advance the discussion.

What Secretary Clinton did was exactly what every SecState before her had done, and what you or I would have done had we been SecState, and what Condoleeza Rice's, Colin Powell's AND Hillary Clinton's lawyers would have advised them to do, because there was no rule or law that prevented such actions, and it was an intelligent thing to do to have full control over the documents that involve you, not those who have at BEST no interest in protecting you and may have an interest in destroying you.

Or are you one of those who don't take tax deductions even though they are perfectly legal? Are you one of those people who state that "if you've done nothing wrong, you have nothing to fear?" Are you one of those people who supplies every document you ever create to an archive that may later fall into the hands of your enemies?

If you are in politics and are one of those people, you also are poor, naive and destroyed.

Comment Re:Of course he did. (Score 1) 289

There is no reason that "" could not be forwarded to "" or whatever her private server email address was. Thus, to any SecState employee, it would look like a government address. The only one who would know is the mail server administrator who setup the forward.

Comment Re:Suicide by politician (Score 1) 1010

Condi Rice and Colin Powell are Republicans. They're tough on national security dontchaknow, so they get a pass for all of the instances of confidential emails in their accounts...

Besides, when Hillary did it, she used a private email server; when Powell did it, he used a hotmail account, which is much more secure!

Comment Re:Uber income (Score 1) 323

If you don't like it - don't do it.

"You don't want to let them fuck you over? Then don't" is no moral defense against the way they exploit their drivers, and is no defense at all against those who are poor and have no choice but to allow themselves to be fucked over from time to time. Just because a sucker is born every minute does not make it right to take a sucker's money unethically.

At some point "free markets" give way to "morality" -- otherwise we'd still have child labor.

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