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Comment Re:So momey was spent (Score -1) 75

Three little words. "Cool. See ya." The final straw to end twenty years of daily Slashdot reading.

I had such hopes when Bizx or whatever you are called took over. Now I have nothing but regret for the mockery received from my peers over the last few years when I admitted I still read Slashdot. They were right.

Oh well, at least I will always have visions of a petrified Natalie Portman. Naked. Hold the grits


Comment Re:I'd settle for taking away the concussion grena (Score 1) 147

Quite possibly the explody thing came from the police.

But you have not shown in the slightest that a surgeon has recovered grenade fragments from the woman's arm. Please stop parroting that claim and Gish Galloping to other factoids and theories when called on it.

Comment Re:Good, then we can scrap that stupid f-35 (Score 5, Insightful) 325

1. Are they cheap or are they old? You point out the last airframes came off the production lines 30 years ago then say they were built cheaply. I do not think still being operational decades later, especially considering their operational tempo over most of this time, is indicative of cheap.

2. Pork wing program or falling apart? If they are 'falling apart' then I do not think a program to remediate that would be considered pork.

3. A bunch were lost in 2003? Please enumerate. I know of only one combat loss of an A-10 in Iraq since 2003.

4. The A-10 has a slightly lower rate of blue-on-blue incidents than other aircraft performing close air support. In any case, the numbers of friendly fire incidents by aircraft of any type are astonishingly low compared to the number of sorties flown. Statistically minimal.

5. What WWII CAS aircraft exceeded the A-10 in speed? The big CAS birds of that war, Junkers 87 and the II-2 were both a couple hundred miles per hour slower. The P-47 was at least in the same ball park as the A-10.

6. How often is a CAS mission called for and time from base is a factor? Fine, in that case send a Strike Eagle. For all the other times, that loitering plane is ready to go no matter if it is sub or supersonic.

7. A-10 was designed to not need full size airbases. Strong gear. High engines. Soft tires. They are made to work from short, damaged and improvised fields.

So what are the really capable CAS aircraft existing today?

Why do grunts and marines commonly differ with you?

Comment Re:I have an idea (Score 1) 277

For the love of all that is holy. 46.4% is a quick and dirty google hit but it is from the FEDERAL BUREAU OF PRISONS. Instead of googling for answers to support your already held beliefs, slow up and think a minute. Federal. Not all prisoners. Federal. You know, the feds who have a disproportionate percentage of drug offenders in the system since the feds don't prosecute a whole ton of armed robbers, rapists and car thieves.

Comment Re:News for whom? (Score 1) 277

???? Stories about dystopian developments make the feed all of the time. Poorly-implemented tech services are being proffered at an enormous profit margin to a locked-in customer base. Do I have to add a car analogy and a get-off my lawn joke, and a alien overlords joke?

Poorly-implemented? Two anecdotes about poor video quality. An author with an agenda to push and we get two anecdotes?

Enormous profit margin? Two times numbers ever given. One was $10 for a 20 minute call and the other was $0 for twice weekly calls from the designated call center. Outrageous sums.

Article was light on data and heavily shaded what was presented.

Submission + - Nerd website found to make viewer's eyes bleed

grommit writes: is a website that is testing out a new "Beta" web design specifically crafted to make the viewer's eyes bleed. Editor samzenpus is quoted as saying, "We were hoping for at least a 70% eye bleed rate (EBR) but when we found out that we're actually generating 95% EBR, we were ecstatic. We are proud to break new ground in unreadable web design!"

Submission + - What site would you recommend to replace Slashdot? 1

koreanbabykilla writes: Now that it looks like I'm no longer going to be able to use Slashdot due to, I need somewhere to kill a few hours a day at work. Any suggestions?

Submission + - Ask Slashdot: Opinion of slashdot beta? 9

An anonymous reader writes: What are your thoughts about slashdot beta? Post your complaints here so that I don't have to see them elsewhere. Additionally, if the beta is so bad that you don't want to stay, what other news website do you recommend?
First Person Shooters (Games)

Open Source FPS Game Alien Arena 2009 Released 142

Alienkillerrace writes "The open sourced, freeware FPS game Alien Arena 2009 has been released (Windows and Linux). The improvements to the game engine are very significant, and have surely raised the bar for free games of this genre. All surfaces in the game are now rendered using GLSL, not only improving the visual quality, but the performance as well. Interesting new effects like post-process distortions using GLSL have been implemented, as well as light volumes, better per-pixel lighting (reminiscent of UT3), and shaded water. Equally notable is that the sound system has been completely rewritten using OpenAL, allowing for effects such as Doppler, and adding Ogg Vorbis support. The game is free to play and available for download on its official website. It has a stats system and a built-in IRC client in its front-end game browser."

Comment Re:Calling this "liquid wood" (Score 5, Informative) 226

My reading of this vaguely written sentence is that lignin is currently being burned. If instead used as a petroleum replacement in plastic-like materials it would not be burned -- at least not until it hits the post consumer trash incinerator.

Is lignin extracted from wood in any other industries besides paper production? Would the paper industry be able to supply enough lignin to replace even a fraction of the plastic currently being produced? Even if it did, sounds like that would simply shift the burning from lignin in the wood fiber to petroleum products.

At the paper mill where I recently worked, the lignin was not burned just for the pleasure of it. The quicky skipping a couple dozen steps process is as follows... The lignin is extracted from the wood pulp by a cocktaail of sodium family chemicals casually referred to as liquor. When loaded with nice potential energy filled lignin, the liquor is referred to as black liquor. The black liquor is piped to the recovery boilers where the lignin burns out leaving nice clean white liquor and a lot of high pressure steam. The white liquor is in closed loop system and goes back to pick up more lignin. The high pressure steam is used on the actual paper machines and drives turbines to provide nearly one hundred percent of the electrical power needed by the entire mill.

Remove the lignin by another process so that it can be used to make 'liquid wood'. Now where will the mill get its high pressure steam? Burning petroleum products just like it does now when there is an upset condition in the supply of black liquor. Lots of natural gas. Lots.


Submission + - Should a startup protect "IP"?

SonOfLilit writes: "I'm an 18 year old student thinking about forming a startup around software ideas.

Now, I'm online enough to know all the talk pro- and con- patents and especially those involving software.

I've also read claims that patents are important to software startups and claims that patents are insignificant to software startups and claims that although they are significant, anything that doesn't work without them isn't good enough.

My current view is that patents are essential in the current patent-based market, but my web conscience is bugging me.

What do you think, /.? Should a software startup apply for patents on it's ideas?

PS. I'm not referring to patents like 'triply linked list', more to patents like 'software application to increase your investment profits by saving the Africans from aids'."

Submission + - Bill Gates Predicted Vista 20 Years Ago

bobdole2k writes: The Computer Science Club at the University of Waterloo has recently uncovered a recording of a talk Bill Gates gave in 1989. In the talk, Gates makes reference to many features that are in, or were planned for, Vista. He talks about advanced piracy protection involving a 'network', as well as a relational file system, which WinFS was planned to be. The talk is available for download from the Waterloo CSC

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