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Submission + - Apple Showing Tension Over Samsung Release (

sl4shd0rk writes: On the eve of the Samsung Galaxy SIV Release, Apple's marketing magnate Phil Schiller gave a rare interview and played down the release and seemingly attempted to discredit the competitor, as well as the phones and operating system it runs on. Calling it "plain and simple" and adding that "Android is often given as a free replacement for a feature phone" Schiller's comments suggested a bit of tension in the Apple camp which only lays claim to ~20% of the global market. In regards to the IDC report on Market share, Schiller disputed the importance saying he wasn't sure the "estimates and the modeling accurately gives an accurate picture of it all". Schiller went on to talk about the iphone 5, which went on sale last September, being "thin and light" with the "best display of any smartphone". Apple's shares have fallen from a high-close of $702.10 in September to $428.35 Wednesday suggesting that slumping sales are putting more pressure on the Apple marketing group to bring those sales figures up soon.

Submission + - Apple Bringing Second Lawsuit to Samsung in 2014 (

sl4shd0rk writes: Hot on the heels of last year's Apple win over Samsung, Apple is geared up for it's second attempt at knocking Samsung's alleged copy-cat products off the store shelves. District Judge Lucy Koh asked both parties if they could stay the new case while the first one goes up on Appeal. Apple denied citing a delay would "seriously and irreparably prejudice Apple." The company "will likely suffer a long-term loss of market share and of downstream sales". Samsung replied with a statement saying "Apple will be unable to meet its burden of proving infringement without resorting to the same improper 'representative product' strategy," [that shouldn't have been allowed in the first case.] Although some may think this is a good move for business on Apple's part, some claim the litigation is responsible for Apple's dipping sales and stock prices as well as Increased visibility of Samsung. In the end however, all this litigation is most likely going to be shouldered on the pocketbook of the consumer'

Submission + - Apple Campus Compromise in Cupertino (

sl4shd0rk writes: The same Java exploit used to breach Facebook has not left Apple Corporate unscathed. Turning up in a Reuters tweet as well as Allthings D article, it seems confirmed that Apple has found a rash of employee Macintosh computers which have fallen victim to the same virus/malware/compromise. Sources say they "aren't certain" if any data has left Apple's clutches or not however they are working with law enforcement to find out what happened. Apple is clamoring to get a patch out Tuesday to protect mac users and help identify if they have been hacked

Submission + - Apple Looses Injunction. Samsung Looses Mistrial. ( 1

sl4shd0rk writes: Judge Lucy Koh, presiding over the landmark Apple vs. Samsung patent case, has ruled Apple did not prove irreparable harm from Samsung's designs. Judge Koh also ruled that Samsung will not be getting a new trial based on Velvin Hogan's alleged failure to disclose litigation. Koh also mentioned how the ruling was somewhat based on Public Interest: "The public interest does not support removing phones from the market when the infringing components constitute such limited parts of complex, multi-featured products."

Submission + - Apple Claiming Samsung Abusing Patents 1

sl4shd0rk writes: Good news for Apple, Bad for Samsung. Yesterday, Apple filed legal papers with the International Trade Commission citing that Samsung is misusing it's "Standards essential" patents in ways which violate antitrust law. Apple claims Samsung has violated commitments to license it's essential patents to competitors on fair, reasonable and non-discriminatory terms. Or, more Specifically "using certain patents as a basis for improper legal actions that seek to block the sale of competitors' products". Apparently, TFA says Google and Motorola are also under the same scrutiny.

Submission + - Apple Says "No" to Releasing new Dock Connector Specs (

sl4shd0rk writes: According to sources Apple hasn't offered any specs to developers for the new "9-pin Connector" to be used on the next version of the iphone. Apple has also said it may use "licensing agreements and threats of lawsuits" to prevent third-party adapters from hitting the market through at least 2012. There have been suggestions that this tactic is to allow Apple time to leverage competition and reap in revenues of $100 million for every 10 million Dock Connector Adpaters it sells for $10. It remains unclear whether Apple will allow third-party developers to release competing alternatives after 2012.

Submission + - Samsung Pulls Ahead of Iphone (

sl4shd0rk writes: Apple's iPhone sales have slumped. Moving only 26 million units versus an analyst consensus of 28.4 million units. Analysts had already scaled back their expectations earlier in the month from 30.5 million units.Samsung Electronics Comp., Ltd is believed to have sold around 50 million smartphones for Q2 of 2012, posting a record 5.9B profit. In other words, it is out-selling Apple — by itself — approximately 2-to-1 in unit sales. In fact, Samsung's flagship Galaxy S III smartphone reportedly alone moved 19 million units. That means that Samsung's sales of just its top model are already approaching Apple's total sales.

Submission + - Apple Products No Longer Qualify as 'Eco-friendly' ( 1

sl4shd0rk writes: With Apple's recent withdrawl of 39 of it's products from the EPEAT 'Green Registry', the city of San Francisco will now no longer be able to purchase Apple products. A 2007 policy mandates the city may only spend tax dollars on products which meet the EPEAT standards. Other places Apple has began to gain a foothold may be affected as well such as hundreds of American Universities as well as the US federal government which requires 95% of its laptops and desktops be EPEAT-certified.

Submission + - Apple Pulls 39 Products From Eco-friendly Registry (

sl4shd0rk writes: Apple, a company who's always pointed out how 'Green' it's products are, has asked EPEAT to remove many of it's products from the governments 'green electronics' list. Apple will also be declining EPEAT's stamp of approval for over 2000 other devices sold in the United States. In order to be EPEAT certified, recyclers need to be able to disassemble products, using common tools, in order to separate toxic components such as batteries. Robert Frisbee, CEO of EPEAT, points out that Apple no longer wishes to be compatible with the EPEAT certification and that "their design direction was no longer consistent with the EPEAT requirements". With Apple's penetration into the Educational as well as Corporate markets, this may lead to an unexpected hidden cost when these institutions attempt to upgrade old equipment.

Submission + - New Macintosh Virus Discovered and Making the Rounds ( 1

sl4shd0rk writes: A new Macintosh exploit was discovered Friday morning by Kaspersky Labs which propogates through a zipfile attachment. The attachment tricks the Macintosh user into installing a variant of the MaControl backdoor via point-and-grunt. Embedded in the virus is an encrypted IP address belonging to a server in China which is believed to be a C+C server. Once installed, the virus opens a backdoor allowing the attacker on the C+C server to run commands on the compromised machine. Shortly after Kaspersky's announcement, AlienVault Labs claims to have found a similar version of the Mac malware which infects Windows machines. The Windows version appears to be a variant of the Gh0st RAT malware used last month in targeted attacks against Central Tibetan Administration. Both virii are suspected of being tools in a campaign to attack Uyghur Activists

Submission + - US Judge Has Outbreak of Common Sense in Apple/Motorola Patent War (

sl4shd0rk writes: Federal Judge Richard Posner seems to be a man who "gets" the screwed up patent system in the US. As Apple pressed for more injunctions against Motorola regarding alleged patent infringement, Judge Posner has stressed the two companies should just "get along" and pay each other royalties. A jury trial set to start last week was cancelled when Posner ruled that neither side could prove damages, and grilled Apple's legal team saying an injunction against Motorola would be "contrary to the public interest,". Furthermore, as Apple tried to plead its injunction case concerning four patents, Posner called the U.S. patent system "chaos" and said an order barring the sale of Motorola phones could have "catastrophic effects.".

Submission + - Mac OS is "Really vulnerable" (

sl4shd0rk writes: "Our first investigations show Apple doesn't pay enough attention to security." says Kaspersky CTO Nikolai Grebennikov who's firm was recently hired by Apple to analyze the Mac OS platform for security. "Mac OS is really vulnerable," he claimed citing problems with Apple's stance on Java updates and the recent Flashback trojan infecting over 600,000 Apple computers. Grebennikov also expects to see iPads and iPhones becoming infected by malware in the next year.

Submission + - New iPad Hotter Than Ever... Literally (

sl4shd0rk writes: The Apple forums continue to accumulate reports of the new ipad suffering from uncomfortable heat issues. Consumer reports measured the temperature at 116 Deg. Farenheit (because we do that here). While not quite the temperature of thermite it's hotter than it's predecessors. Apple has issued a statement on the problem, however it only tends to make one believe the welts left behind are actually a feature.

Submission + - Trolling fun with stolen iPhones (

sl4shd0rk writes: A favorite blog of Apple users has a running thread showing that even after remotely wiping a stolen iphone, the thief continues to receive Imessages intended for the owner (the thief is also able to respond to said messages). Changing the phone number would seemingly be an easy fix however a re-purposed phone is somehow caching or remember the original number. The only reported success in stopping the phenomena is to somehow turn off Imessage on the stolen device (how exactly?) and create a completely new Apple ID, which means forgetting all about Itunes, films and applications owned by the real user.

Submission + - Macs More Vulnerable Than Windows for Enterprise (

sl4shd0rk writes: At a Black Hat security conference in Las Vegas, researches presented exploits on Apples DHX authentication scheme which can compromise all connected Macs on the LAN within minutes. “If we go into an enterprise with a Mac and run this tool we will have dozens or hundreds of passwords in minutes,” Stamos said. Macs are fine as long as you run them as little islands, but once you hook them up to each other, they become much less secure.

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