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Comment Re: Meh. What is science but a guess (Score 1) 307

There is a significant difference between labeling a behavior versus labeling a person.

I have no problems with describing a behavior as contemptible; there's nothing hypocritical in that. How any reader decides to apply it to themselves is their own problem, not mine.

Moreover your initial response is that people were beyond help, which is quite different than and your most recent response — that consider it a waste of effort. The first implies impossibility, the other that you're not willing to spend the effort. They are very different attitudes.

I clearly diffe in opinionr: I believe in a democracy, its vitally important to help everyone understand that science is a process to understand the world, and that understanding the world helps us make better decisions.

Alienating people en masse is never wise in a democracy, and a little extra effort can make all the difference for all of humanity

Comment Re: Meh. What is science but a guess (Score 1) 307

some people are beyond the reach of argument and reason. They will NEVER change their belief.

That's a contemptible attitude. Considering human being a lost cause because you're not interested in accommodating their humanity is abhorrent.

It's entirely possible to promote science while respecting other people's religions, even for subjects like evolution. I've seen it done superbly by professors who took the time to understand their students, and were able to show they actually cared about the student and their humanity.

The bottom line is we're all part of the human family, and denying the humanity of another - including their religious beliefs - is the essence of evil.

It's very practical to promote science to everyone. As with most things,getting half of the work done is easy. The other half is not as easy, but no less important.

Comment Re:Meh. What is science but a guess (Score 2) 307

The fact is that many people have dearly held religious beliefs. These beliefs are held with a bond that is far more than any combination of logic or emotion; such conviction in any human is not to be trifled with.

You can't attack people on such a personal, intimate, foundational level and expect people to follow you, or your ideas.

Unfortunately, for decades, many claiming to represent science have been loudly proclaiming (without evidence, as it's unprovable either way) that "science" says that religion, and by extension the listener's very being, is false. It's a normal human reaction that, provided a choice between dismissing dearly held, foundational beliefs, and unprovable claims made by a "scientist", that the unprovable claims will be rejected wholesale - and religion is retained.

Consequently, whenever there is a real, insight with multiple independent lines of evidence all pointing to a very similar conclusion (ie. good science), it is immediately discarded with prejudice -- all because of the asshat making unprovable claims about religion, often in an entirely different subject.

There are a few assclowns that need to realize that human beings are not logical, rational creatures, never have been, and it's important to work within that constraint.

It's harmful to both science and the world to evangelize science against religion (and by extension, saying that somebody who has a religion cannot be scientific), the result is exactly what we see in Louisiana: "What is science? Science is an educated guess" -- ie. contempt for science.

Comment Re:But Why? (Score 2) 129

Because IPv4 was designed as a limited proof of concept, with IPv6 being the properly designed replacement.

IPv4 was supposed to be deader than a can of SPAM by Y2K, and as historical as stacks of punch cards at this point.

Comment Re:AF pilots are not re-enlisting (Score 1) 152

Don't forget the unspoken occupational hazard of all flight crews: they get a lot more radiation exposure than any other occupation — far more than workers in nuclear energy. The levels for flight crews are well above the levels allowed for nuclear work — and its unregulated because it's not something anybody can mitigate without banning flying altogether.

Comment Re:More dangerous than fire? (Score 3, Informative) 230

And yet, the industry continues to be outpaced by its addicts, asserting endless false claims about safety.

Flavorings often do horrible things to the lungs, sinuses, and nose - a great example, diacetyl causes "popcorn lung". Diacetyl is found in a lot of foods naturally - its what gives butter its flavor, after all. It's a natural product of fermentation, and shows up in everything from buttermilk to chardonnay.

Popcorn lung is a great example of what vaping can do - take a natural flavor, heat it with water to form steam, inhale, and cause permanent lung damage only treatable by organ transplant.

But, much like smoking was a few decades ago, it's users refuse to believe their addiction could possibly be harmful to themselves or others.

Comment Re:Translation Please? (Score 1) 79

My bet is that Wells Fargo is concerned about bitcoin being used for money laundering -- which is a legitimate concern for a US financial institution.

It doesn't matter if bitcoin isn't an ideal medium for money laundering... what matters is it's an excuse for a competitor send regulators after Wells Fargo.

Comment Re:Apple to replace Imagination's designs? (Score 1) 148

There are other licensed GPU blocks (ARM's Mali comes to mind), along with mobile GPU's from NVIDIA that seem to work without Imagination's IP.

That doesn't mean Apple is building their own GPU from scratch, any more than they build the CPU from scratch. For both the CPU and GPU, they licensed from external companies (ARM & Imagination). There's likely nothing stopping them from licensing the GPU from ARM, NVIDIA, or any other of Imagination's competitors.

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