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Comment Re:Well that's a smart idea (Score 1) 830

Just pointing out that causing permanent injuries to people who are definitely going to board you no matter what is not actually the smartest thing ever.

Self-defense through escalation, in general, either succeeds or results in escalated response from the attacker. That should not surprise you, unless you're a through-and-through moralfag.

Comment Well that's a smart idea (Score 2) 830

After you've caused some of the pirates to break their arms and legs on a newly frictionless surface, and made yet more of them bleed from the ears, perhaps deaf for life, they finally manage to board you.

For how long do you expect to survive?

Seriously, I'd cut our your eyes and lop off your ears out of spite at that point. And I'm not even a seafaring pirate.

Reminds me of the anti-rape condom that causes the would-be rapist immense pain. Good job, now he'll definitely kill you.

Comment Re:appeal? (Score 5, Informative) 1870

Doesn't work that way. Even if they didn't appeal, the Swedish prisons are full -- you actually have to queue to serve your sentence, and violent criminals always skip ahead of the queue.

Besides, they're going to appeal. During that time the sentence cannot be implemented as this wasn't something like murder or treason where immediate implementation would be appropriate. And as you say yourself: putting someone in jail severely hinders their chances of appealing.

Come down from your stupid-ass trip. It makes you look silly.

Comment Re:Rational (Score 1) 807

These are the historical reasons. You'd be hard pressed to find a paper lobby that was dead set against hemp being harvested for fiber: the US did that quite a bit during WW2. Remember "Hemp For Victory"? The marijuana prohibition had moved into racism (those darned mexicans and niggers and hippies and so-called "musicians" and whomever the hell) and then into "the way things are" by then.

Unless you have a time machine, focusing on this stuff won't do you much good.

Comment Re:Out of line (Score 1) 461

I agree. Tag this article "kike", "bastard" and "jew", for I don't see any other kind of person spouting such idiocy than a kike who's merely taking a break from masturbating to fresh images of mutilated arab children, a white froth playing at the sides of his mouth.

Comment Re:the price of DS games is ridiculous (Score 1) 261

This hits the nail on the head. I already paid 200 euros for my DS lite, and now these people have the fucking gall to say that I should pay 30 euros for each game too?

If it weren't for being able to warez, I wouldn't have got myself a DS. I'd be a person who doesn't have a DS, and doesn't pay for games -- compared to what I am now, a person who has a DS and doesn't pay for games. Since Nintendo is making money from each DS sold (4 megs of asymmetric memory and otherwise veeeerrrry limited hardware tends to do that), I hardly see myself being a serious wrongdoer here.

Comment Re:well it is expected... (Score 1) 261

Yeah, well. A mod card for the DSi was being sold in Akihabara like weeks ago. So much for the "increased protection", eh.

You should remember that purchasing software is a choice as much as warezing is. You can stop making that choice any time you want, if the region-coding bothers you so much. It's not like a gun is being held to your head, is it?

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