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Submission + - Macbook for a Lawnmower? (tradeaway.com)

An anonymous reader writes: I found this site (http://www.TradeAway.com) when searching for Online Barters on Google. I was amazed to see that people are actually trading items or the partial value of items plus cash for other items on the website — NO CASH NEEDED! They even have a News video on the site that mentions other online bartering sites as well. What do you guys think about me trying to trade a MacBook for a self propelled lawn mower since my wife is mad about the lush forest in our front yard? Has anyone tried something like this with success, because it seems cash is tight for everyone nowadays and this is a neat idea if it works. PS — No it's not a new Macbook, but an older one I don't even use anymore — I'm not crazy!

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