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Comment Non technical people will begin to look elsewhere (Score 1) 254

Yesterday my neighbour came in and said his computer is not working - I discovered later it was win10, looked like it had the dhcp bug covered in /. and some update had restored the default screen. It was slow even on a brand new two month old hp shop bought laptop with installed help (trash)

I run linux so i had an enjoyable hour looking through win 10, eventually it connected and synced his email via the wndows crapware.

I genuinely felt sorry for them that MS and there partners had screwed up the most idiotic task of reading and sending email. The hope in this is that the next version will be even more useless and drive people to avoid microsoft 'products'

Comment There was support ? (Score 1) 116

Years ago i was tasked with sorting out a hp computer for a friend so i used the live chat in windows help. Alas i was not an american - no help. Years later the phone line support (charged) gave me the wrong phone number when the windows key became invalid.

Since i dont need or want a windows license, and can buy linux computers without the microsoft tax why would i want to buy hp internationally ?

That old hp computer is still working but now has linux on it, hp wont be supplying the replacement.

Comment losing the plot (Score 1) 564

I recently had the job of restoring a vista pc who's wga key (label on the pc) became invalid three years ago, and was finally infected by a bitcoin ransom ware file locker. Nobody wanted to help.with the wga thing, the ransomware reminded me of sony corporation

It now has a copy of linux on it and the files where backed up - it seems to suit the user.and the hardware still works

I would love to know why the wga key became invalid and being that i am not sure i could convince anybody to part with cash for a microsoft product and discover that they dont really own it.

I hope many people do what i did by looking at alternative solutions

Comment Re:Family member's WIN computer got locked out (Score 1) 581

Somebody took one of our vista pc (old) microsoft keys via a keygen (i guess), its not had updates since and nobody at HP wanted to help as there not american despite selling the license .

The machine still works despite wga not working so genuine widows is an advantage to microsoft not to the user. The only windows program they use is for tom tom gps updater used about once a year..

It will get a linux distro one day too, new hardware wont be bought from hp either.

Comment This is going to be a big female future problem (Score 0) 137

If your in a cinema then no your coughs wont disguise your ringtone.

Couple of years ago we had 'invited' guests over when an easter occurred. a girl spent most of her time with her friends who might have been with us physically the phone had the attention. Not my problem...

Comment Re:Streetlights useful to remark road in bad weath (Score 1) 307

I live by a fast road in the uk , part of it has street lamps. seven people died in an overloaded renault clio late one night crossing four lanes and hitting a tree, another drove into a railway bridge that 'moved' I can give other examples but i attribute most of these fatalities to idiots. Yes the road might be more than the average 'dangerous' but that is due to the risks drivers take. The clio driver later committed suicide without using a car.

As uk lights dont have bad weather sensors I see bad drivers not bad lighting

Comment Video ad duplication and isp quotas (Score 1) 394

I have three browsers two have ad block one does not and that gets little use. I use the non adblock for flash as flash can kill my linux desktop with a restart at a certain resolution.

So i get adverts in this use case, most of the adverts where repeated, and one was an infomercial for a water heater which ran to twenty minutes was relatively local to my location and it played about fifteen times in the hour of the flash thing. The next day i looked at the band width used was incredible and decided that if I was the firm who bought the slots knew that i had seen it fifteen times then would be downright pissed off at the ad serving company.

Sure there ad got seen fifteen times by one set of eyeballs who was a 'local' but i dont have an immersion heater. Actually i found the ins and out of bad installations of these products interesting but i soon returned to my adblock browser. If isps insist on quotas for end users then ad block makes a lot a sense.

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