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Submission + - Ask Slashdot: Find a job in China for non-native speaker 2

An anonymous reader writes: My fiancée has recently been accepted into a Chinese university into their phd program, and I've been looking at jobs in China (specifically the Beijing area) and not having any success. I'm a developer with 8 years of experience (java), mostly on the server side, so I'm not lacking in the general experience, but the problem is I don't speak Mandarin or Cantonese. I am a native English speaker from Canada though. The only jobs I've had any responses from were teaching positions for simple English which isn't exactly my first choice. Has anyone had any experience or success as a programmer finding a job in China, without being able to speak the native language? Any websites I should be focusing on?
Role Playing (Games)

Submission + - Wasteland 2 Reaches Over $1 Million in Funding, End of Traditional Game Funding?

sitkill writes: Wasteland 2 has reached it's funding goal of $900,000 after being originally announced just two days ago on Kickstarter, and now currently sits at over $1.1 million in funding. This makes Wasteland 2 the fourth million dollar project this year alone, and the second high-profile game (Double Fine Adventure being the first) funded in this nature. Brian Fargo (Of Interplay fame) has also boldly claimed this may be the start to the end of traditional game publishing:

This is the beginning of a new era in gaming where the developer gets to work directly with the fans to build the type of product that the fans want. No focus groups, no pitches to the marketing team, no trying to get an executive committee to group-think their way to a project green-light. Now we just have a developer with a creative idea that resonates and a group of dedicated fans who are willing to lay down their money to buy it.

An OSX and Linux version has also been promised if funding reaches $1.5 million.


Submission + - Wasteland 2 Reaches $1 Million In Funding in over 2 Days 1

sitkill writes: "The crowdfunding RPG from Brian Fargo (of Interplay fame) Wasteland 2 has reached it's funding goal of $900,000 in two days and most recently became Kickstarters fourth project to exceed $1 million in funding. Fargo has stated that he will take no money from this funding project as salary, and will be dedicating all funding to the game. Wasteland 2 also becomes the second high profile game funded via Kickstarter (the first originally being Double Fine Adventures) and has shown the possibilities of breaking from the traditional developer-publisher model. Interesting facts for Wasteland 2 is that the APP (average per pledger) dollar amount currently sits at $57 versus Double Fine's final APP of $38, which seems to indicate the Post-Apocalyptic RPG fans have money to spare. Wasteland 2 still has 32 days to go to break Double Fine's Kickstarter record of $3.3 million."

Submission + - Canada Courts Quashes Govt. Decision on Globalive (

sitkill writes: The Canadian Government has rejected the Tory Cabinet's decision to overturn a CRTC mandate not allowing Globalive (which is more commonly known in Canada as the mobile carrier Wind) to operate in Canada. This is a small vindication to the enbattled CRTC which has been recently in the spotlight for it's recent decision on usage based billing, which has also come under criticism by the Tory Cabinet.

The CEO, Mr. Lacavera, stressed that this would not result in Globalive's Wind Mobile being shut down, simply that it would require another round of wrangling with the regulator over how much foreign influence is acceptable in a Canadian telecommunications company.".


Submission + - Canada's Telco's bring mobile Payment to masses

An anonymous reader writes: On Monday, the 3 largest telco's in Canada will release a mobile payment platform (link) to all cellphone users of their base customers. From the article,

"Canada's three main wireless carriers are planning to launch a mobile payment service on Monday, one that will allow their customers to send, request and receive money via their mobile phones.....Money can be drawn from an account the user sets up or from their credit card. Each withdrawal will cost 50 cents from the account, or 3.5 per cent of the transaction if from a credit card. (As a result, sending dollar amounts under $15 are actually cheaper to do using a credit card...Robin Dua, president of Enstream, said he hopes the service's use of the NFC-enabled cards will pave the way for future adoption of NFC chip-enabled phones."

While I hate being charged to use my money as much as the next guy, for ANYONE who's visited Japan or Korea can attest to, FINALLY getting some traction in seeing some American development in getting NFC chips inside of cellphones is awesome.

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