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Comment mono is a good thing (Score 1) 362

At first I thought.... who wants to write .net apps on unix? Until I was forced to write a program that talked SOAP to a vendor's server running .NET web services.

I whipped one up in visual studio (and im a unix admin with 15+ years experience) compiled it in windows, and then copied the .exe file to a linux and solaris box where it ran with no issues whatsoever

The same thing in perl using SOAP::Lite took weeks to get right and even then was still a mess.

Mono's definitely a useful part of the unix world.

Comment Re:Wrong Information (Score 1) 555

It says nothing about unlimited data or tethering in that link or the AUP document I read that was linked from the page you linked to.

Near as I can tell, your 5GB plan gets you 5GB. If you are a Verizon customer you can log onto their website at any time and check your data usage, or if your phone supports the "My Verizon" app like mine does, you can use it for checking.

I used less than 100MB last month with web browsing, app downloads, using google maps with gps, and some light youtube video watching. Unless you are downloading large files you shouldnt need to worry about a 5GB cap.

Comment Re:Clear Does It I think... (Score 1) 259

They have been FLOODING atlanta with advertisments, and I hear several people say they are getting it, but heard little about actual service performance.

Still, $50 for unlimited wireless internet with speeds approximate to what you'd get off bellsloth's DSL (3 megabit?) isn't a bad deal, if indeed you use it on the go around town. I've heard at least 2-3 non-authoritative sources say Clear plans to actually DROP the price once they get a critical mass of subscribers. If that were to actually happen, I'd be shocked, but it would definitely jumpstart the use of their service.

Personally, for me, I'll keep comcast. Guess I'm old school like that. I can tether my blackberry if I need emergency internet away from home and im not in a wifi hotspot.

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