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Submission + - As sales dip, a ray of hope for print magazines (

silentbrad writes: The Globe and Mail reports on the print and digital markets for magazines and newspapers: "... a poll commissioned by the industry association shows those who do read magazines overwhelmingly prefer to read on paper, despite the ever-widening list of digital alternatives made available by publishers anxious to keep them reading. Those who do buy digital editions are nearly twice as likely as the average reader to buy additional printed magazines in any given month. 'The so-called doomsday scenario that has print magazines doomed to obscurity is just a myth,' said Ray Argyle, executive director of the Periodical Marketers of Canada. 'The trend seems to point toward the purchase of single copies and away from mail subscriptions.' ... The publishers will soon have an unexpected ally to help them address the problem, at least in the short term. Canada Post will announce an initiative that would see the postal service handle digital distribution of magazines so the publishers could focus on content, rather than logistics. The initiative was led by Canada Post chief executive officer Deepak Chopra, who believes Canadians aren’t ready to give up on traditional printed products just because digital alternatives are available. Under his plan, publishers would pay the post office to not only deliver printed copies but also ensure a digital copy was available on a secured site for any reader who was interested."

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