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Comment Re:Just my 2c (Score 1) 161

Oddy they already have a tool for this it's called a microphone. I've ridden in the front seat of an ambulance in city traffic it's a mix of people that are unsure where to go like taking a left-hand turn through a red to let and ambulance behind him through. I don't see this solving that. I watched as a traffic cop made us stop, the crew in the backhoe made room and let us through while yelling at the cop. That's all on a single ambulance run with full lights and sirens.

Other simple things can help like lights that respond to ambulances (easy to hack BTW) but political turf wars stop ambulances from getting access.

Comment Re:Personal IoT Standard (Score 1) 196

Yea because it's easy to guess some randomly generated SSID and wpa2 key? Noticing another AP with the same SSID is also pretty trivial.

There is only so far you can go to help existing crap devices. By nature it will be an M&M fix putting a smarter box in front and hoping nobody breaks the shell.

If your looking for a standard for new gear to comply with then you can add endpoint validation etc.

Comment Re:Personal IoT Standard (Score 2) 196

The M&M theory, a firewall device that all communication must pass through if it needs to leave the building. It must be able to see all traffic so it's a https proxy and a scene to register all access a device needs and have it allowed by the user.

So get new IoT lightbulb plug it in connect to the IoT SSID. Register what you need to connect to and what data is passed allow users to allow/deny at a fine-grained level. All easily implemented on the wifi AP you already have and gives a place for updates etc add different radios as required.

Oddly similar to a vera or other zwave hub because that's an actual standard that's reasonably well secured.

Comment Re:Do like them thar foreigners (Score 1) 295

Personal best, a 40k replacement part for work signature required etc (cisco 6500 sup). UPS leaves it on a neighbors back door no idea who no signature etc. I call and get the no he delivered it to you for 30 minutes etc. The neighbor ended up dropping it off still dont know who was winter and the cctv never got a good shot of his face.

I wonder what the driver got for not getting a signature and miss delivering a package insured for over 40k.

Comment Re:Solved (Score 2) 295

Yup otherwise people will steal everything you have and you will die.

The question is can vs should, you need to be able to shoot them you should not do it unless absolutely necessary. Anything you make illegal you agree that it's worth depriving somebodys life over. Because you will get that person that refuses to or simply can not live within that rule. Police and the courts will do it for you but overall it's still depriving somebody of their life one way or another.

Comment Trench cast 6 (Score 1) 303

Just dont, put fiber in multimode is fine. You realy do not want a bit of copper between buildings if you can avoid it for data.

As to security outside dogs and guns, alarm with CCTV coverage and monitoring that can access the CCTV is your best bet to get the cops out there. Harding the entrances look for a 3+ point lock set, your meth head isn't picking locks he is kicking down a door.

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