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Comment Re:F Cloud auth (Score 1) 84

Like I said no problems with them. I do a bit of ugly code in openhab to change when the setback begins and ends for my radiant floor heating zones thats the one thing the nest things is supposed to learn. Really it only matters on something with a big lag like a huge concrete slab.

Zwave hubs can be hard to find the vera 3 I use was released in 2011 3 years before wink, homeseer is pretty ancient released in 99 and picked up zwave support in 03.

Comment Re:F Cloud auth (Score 1) 84

No hacks required zwave is a local non IP RF protocol it would be impossible for it to require outside access it has no concept of it, zwave hubs like vera support disconnected operations as a feature (openhab if you want OSS).

Now your hub choice a wink might want/need internet connectivity but just get a better hub.

I like those guys thermostats picked up 4 CT22's new off ebay for less than 100 total (looks like a ge badged model is 15 ish right now), and they have been working great for a few years. I have a much fancier one thats in my formal dining room touch screen color I never touch the thing it was a waste. That may just be a different design goal some people love the hey look I can do this on my phone etc HA I like they my house does things intelligently and I dont need to think about it, it just works.

Comment Android auto (Score 1) 291

If they realy want to do something useful it's suggest the auto makers interrogate with phones as in get the hell out of the way. That means let them take over the touch screen and access the steering wheel controls etc. Give them access to the built in GPS etc. Then get out of the way, it might ruin 3k nav packages that suck and need $200 updates yearly.

Bonus points for putting in HUD's again and letting the phones access those.

Making cars safer can not be about restriction, it's not blocking IM's/email its doing text to speech and back again giving people a safer method to access and use that data.

Comment Yup because nobody every figured out this problem (Score 1) 85

Ya know back in the 80's one way fiber a static mac and arp entry with UDP. That is about as one way as things get. Not impossible to hark just rather hard. It works great for syslog actualy.

No it does not insure that the data is received or that it was not tampered with, but the treasure trove is the long term storage not what people are doing right then.

Mind you the whole things is a bit moot less and less traffic is not encrypted.

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