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Plone 3 Products Development Cookbook 52

RickJWagner writes "This book takes an interesting path to teaching Plone 3 development. Unlike most software instructional books, it starts way back in the often-unread Preface by listing 10 requirements a mythical customer is asking the reader to implement in Plone 3. The requirements are realistic and I think would probably be quite a stretch for an inexperienced Plone developer. The rest of the book is dedicated to implementing those 10 features, and coaching the reader on Plone 3 development along the way." Read on for the rest of Rick's review.

Comment Re:KMS (Score 3, Interesting) 195

So how does one deal with no VGA console support? I know nothing about what is going on in the video card industry. Nevertheless, I find this quite interesting and would really appreciate it if you could provide some more information so a layman like me can understand what this means.

Comment Re:PowerPC (Score 1) 526

I was only half serious :) I happen to be surrounded with PowerPC.

I'm typing this on my G4 Mac mini, which has been my main machine at home for about four years now. Right next to me is my PS3. I even had YDL 6.0 running on it for a while. I believe my Nintendo Wii has some sort of PowerPC inside it. And hacking PowerPC embedded systems has been my regular job for the past decade.

All of these PowerPC systems are running whatever is right for them and it isn't Solaris. I don't mean to be rude, but I personally fail to see Solaris on PowerPC as anything more than a cool hack. I don't see why anyone or even IBM would be interested in it.

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