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Comment Re:Why? (Score 2, Informative) 366

More like the past; I'm not sure about 125mph, but I believe electric cars were doing over 100mph in the 19th century. But then people realised they sucked and switched to gasoline instead.

More like barely 20mph, but thanks for playing.

Comment Fees are probably higher for these transactions. (Score 1) 215

I can't say for sure for these one time CC #'s, but the difference in fees for "regular credit card" vs "gift card" can be up to 100%. That means 2.5% in fees to the merchant for regular, 5% for gift card. This is to cover the perceived change of fraud. Transactions where the card is swiped vs. ones where the number is punch in manually will have different fees as well.

Of course, the merchant can just decide to deny any card that causes them higher fees. That's probably what Blizzard was doing to you.

Comment Re:Where to buy? (Score 1) 83

The weirdest thing is it has to get a GPS signal to activate.

This makes sure you aren't full of shit when you put in the device's physical mailing address. When you call 911, att wants to make sure the paramedics go to the right place. If the address doesn't match the GPS cords, then the microcell doesn't work.

Comment Re:Poor Diebold ATM programming (Score 1) 171

Never, ever deposit money into an ATM in that manner, especially a Diebold ATM.

The ATM the poster refers to does not accept envelopes. In fact, it does a count of the cash right then and there and asks for approval. Then, it rights the bill count and total right into the receipt. If it's before 8pm (at least at BofA) you get immediate access to those funds.

However, I agree about depositing envelopes full of cash into the old-style ATMs. Not so much because of mechanical errors, but because of bank workers pocketing the cash and then say "Gee, the customer deposited an empty envelope!"

Comment You can go from fry cook to executive management (Score 2, Informative) 276

In fact, the money they make isn't bad considering what their job involves

Plus, McDonalds is one of the few places you can start out at the bottom and work your way practically to the top.

My brother-in-law started out as a fry cook as recent immigrant with practically no English skills. 20 years or so later, he's a director responsible for 500+ stores.

Comment Re:Today's news = sad days for new iphone3g owners (Score 2, Insightful) 770

it would be different if they said, "in 1 year, there will be this blah blah blah phone for $199" because that would have given the consumers a chance to decide if they want to go ahead with the massive $199 purchase or wait to get something that is better for the same price.

Yeah, so people like you would hold off on buying a phone for 5 months? Why would Apple do that to themselves? They much rather have you buy a phone in Feb and then the newer one a year later.

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