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Submission + - Drop the Bill Gates Borg

ugubser writes: "I've been in the software business for a about 20 years now. I've seen software come and go and I was never really interested in Microsoft's operating system (my heart was beating for NeXTstep and later for Linux and now for OS X) but I would suggest one thing: the game has changed. This is no longer about the one evil empire and the future will not longer exclusively be dominated by desktop and server operating system vendors. But out of all the 'villains' in this game, Bill Gates has become something of a hero for me. He decided to step away from the games and make the planet a better place using his wealth. If you need a Microsoft villain why not make it Ballmer?"

Submission + - AMD Pulls In Istanbul, Plans 12-16 Core CPUs 2011 (

MojoKid writes: "In a recent release, AMD annouced that months ahead of schedule, they plan to deliver the six-core AMD Opteron processor code named "Istanbul" in June this year, with up to 30 percent more performance within the same power envelope and on the same platform as current Quad-Core AMD Opteron processors. AMD also made it known that it plans to ship the Opteron 6000 series for 2P and 4P servers that are designed to address the highly virtualized, high performance computing and database markets next year. In addition, their "Interlagos" 12- and 16-core processor, based on the "Bulldozer" core and manufactured on 32nm process technology, is planned to ship in 2011, supported by the "Maranello" platform."

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