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Comment Re:All your attention are belong to us (Score 1) 154

Android compared to a mix of GEOS (Nokia Communicators) or Maemo (Nokia N900). GEOS did not have/require a touchscreen, everything was controllable by hardware QWERTY. Maemo had normal UNIX prompt. Just both OSes have no longer competitive hardware (which is a pain as I still use N900 - together with Android).

Comment Are the Google campus streets a private propery? (Score 1) 80

Several years ago I was at some meeting in one of the Google buildings. During some lunch time (on a weekend) I was walking through the streets in Google campus looking around and at other (closed) buildings, just curious. And some Google security guard stopped me I must return back to that my meeting building. May the guard do that? Are the streets there really a Google private propery? There was no gate to enter the Google campus and I was looking like a normal geek.

Comment like Android maps (Score 2) 361

Similar to Android maps. When any application wants to display a map it only displays Google Maps. Despite I have several other better (=offline) maps installed. And no, I have downloaded the areas into Google Maps offline maps and it still does not display anything offline. Plus other maps (like mapy.cz or MapsWithMe) render the maps better anyway.

Comment Re:QWERTY regression (Score 3, Interesting) 197

Bluetooth keyboard is only OK as long as it is TOHKBD style - that is integrated with the phone as a single piece of hardware with no extra battery charging. And then the bluetooth part is only an implementation detail, probably a useless one as if they can connect the power wires they could connect even the signals. Keyboard shortcuts are always faster than any mouse/swipe/whatever crap. And no voice typing really makes sense on a busy street. Besides that I cannot imagine to voice type a bash command with all its backquotes. Typing on integrated QWERTY worked great for me on Nokia 9000i, Nokia 9110 and Nokia 900, I have no idea why it can no longer work. I need to get the job done, I do not need a star-trek-looking useless gadget.

Comment QWERTY regression (Score 4, Insightful) 197

There already were smartphones with QWERTY (incl. arrows, numeric row etc. - suitable for programming/VIM, not just for SMSes). There is no longer any single one QWERTY manufactured. There is probably still a long way ahead before we can see a usable phone when they still cannot get the QWERTY there.

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