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Comment Re:In other news: (Score 1) 91

It could mean a bunch of things. The threat being non-existent is merely one of them.

The threat could also be very rare, but have a high enough cost when it does occur that working to prevent it is beneficial.
Those who would be carrying out the threat could think the security is better than it is and hence be using other methods,i.e. the deterrent factor is working.

Or a bunch of others of course.

Comment Re:Case insensitive file systems were a bug (Score 1) 148

/ is one of the two characters I said were fine to not allow, due to implementation simplicity. So there's no need to imagine such a file name.

But I have no problem with ";" in file names (or "|", or "&", etc). I don't interpret file names as shell commands since I put the commands in the text of the shell script files not in the file names.

Comment Re:And the scientific evidence for this conclusion (Score 1) 391

Those clearly aren't life forms. Otherwise we might as well just declare the hydrogen atom the dominant form of life in the universe.

And anyway the bacteria that most likely accompanied Curiosity to Mars outnumber the robots on Mars. Of course they might not have survived the trip and would be dormant (though that's more alive than a rover.)

Microorganisms dominate Earth. It's all ridiculous "make shit up" speculation, but it seems reasonable that microorganisms would dominate other places that have life. Obviously its not proof, but you only asked for evidence. microorgnisms dominate known life in the Universe, surely the burden for evidence is on those claiming that the rest of the universe is different than the bit we have observed.

If you are talking about intelligent life engaging in interstellar space travel then sure, computer brains are more likely than biological life assuming our current understanding of physics is vaguely similar to reality but that's a different thing than the "dominant form of life in the Universe".


Comment Re:It wasn't the hacking that shut the movie down (Score 1) 221

Some movie theaters backed down not Sony.

Sony of course then cancelled the release - they're pretty dumb but even they can work out that releasing your movie with a bunch of the large chains not showing it is a sure fire way to bomb at the box office. The reason for those chains not showing the movie is irrelevant to that decision.

Comment Re:50 MILLION DOLLARS! (Score 3, Insightful) 70

Merck revenue is irrelevant.

Flipping something that cost you $205,000 for $50,000,000 is the relevant part. That usually makes the guy who sold you it for $205,000 look a little stupid.

Of course an experimental ebola vaccine wasn't worth that much in 2010 since the Africans needing it then didn't have lots of cash to pay for it. However, $200k isn't a huge amount of money for a government either, so you would hope the reason for selling the rights was so that a private party would actually do something to move the thing forward rather than just sitting on it and doing nothing until a white guy got infected and the ebola money jackpot triggered.

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