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Comment Forget locking (Score 0) 283

Why not just log a timestamp of the last edit a user made to that individual record, and allow x minutes from that point to allow another user to edit the record. Same idea as a comment above but if you use a web farm, stay away from sessions as session state is not persisted between different servers in a web farm.

Comment Re:Perhaps it is. (Score 1) 307

I think part of the idea behind the comment is that if more people were interested in buying their phones up front, the carriers would have more reason to offer cheaper services, with less tie up. As it stands, they have convinced the American consumer that the appropriate cell phone plan is the one that they never fully use, and agree to for an extended period of time.

Comment !computer science (Score 1) 711

This is a case of marketing trumping computer science.

Actually, it's a case of human factors trumping computer science, which is a good thing, since few computer users are computer scientists. At least 5, if not 10 standard deviations of hard disc sales go to human beings who are not computer scientists . Human beings use base 10 innately, and there is absolutely no reason to force them to think in base two, just because they've attached something to a computer.

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