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Submission + - Man swallows flash drive; obstruction of justice? ( 2

langelgjm writes: In an incident that is ripe for puns, Florin Necula, a New York City man, swallowed a flash drive in an attempt to deny investigators access to its contents. The ploy worked — at least temporarily. After four days, Necula agreed to allow doctors to remove the drive. Necula is being charged with obstruction of justice; he and three others are suspects are believed to have installed ATM skimmers on several machines in an attempt to obtain bank account information. Should've used TrueCrypt.

Aurora Attack — Resistance Is Futile, Pretty Much 268

eldavojohn writes "Do you have branch offices in China? iSec has published a new report (PDF) outlining the severity of the attacks on, allegedly by the Chinese government, dubbed 'Aurora' attacks. Up to 100 companies were victims, and some are speculating that resistance to such attacks is futile. The report lays out the shape of the attacks — which were customized per-company based on installed vulnerable software and antivirus protection: '1. The attacker socially engineers a victim, often in an overseas office, to visit a malicious website. 2. This website uses a browser vulnerability to load custom malware on the initial victim's machine. 3. The malware calls out to a control server, likely identified by a dynamic DNS address. 4. The attacker escalates his privilege on the corporate Windows network, using cached or local administrator credentials. 5. The attacker attempts to access an Active Directory server to obtain the password database, which can be cracked onsite or offsite. 6. The attacker uses cracked credentials to obtain VPN access, or creates a fake user in the VPN access server. 7. At this point, the attack varies based upon the victim. The attacker may steal administrator credentials to access production systems, obtain source code from a source repository, access data hosted at the victim, or explore Intranet sites for valuable intellectual property.' The report also has pages of recommendations as well as lessons learned, which any systems administrator — even those inside the US — should read and take note of."

Man Defends His Right To Flip Off the Police Screenshot-sm 44

46-year-old Robert J. Ekas has filed a federal lawsuit to defend his First Amendment right to express himself by flipping off police officers. The trouble started in July 2007 when Ekas opened his sunroof and extended a middle finger to a deputy. The deputy turned on his flashing lights and pulled Ekas over. He was cited for an illegal lane change and improper display of license plates. He was acquitted of the charges. “I did it because I have the right to do it. We all have that right, and we all need to test it. Otherwise we’ll lose it," Ekas said. He claims the police have been harassing him ever since.

Yahoo Offered Lap Dances At Hack Event 572

Fotograf writes "Yahoo's latest embarrassment seems like a sign that the company is just trying too hard to be cool. The latest debacle is earning the company some additional publicity. After Yahoo hosted Taiwan Open Hack Day, a special event for engineers and developers that was held last weekend, a series of photos found their way onto the internet — as ill-thought out decisions often do. Yahoo offered lap dances to the attendees of the hack event. Since the pictures have come out the company has decided to apologize."

IBM's But-I-Only-Got-The-Soup Patent 267

theodp writes "In an Onion-worthy move, the USPTO has decided that IBM inventors deserve a patent for splitting a restaurant bill. Ending an 8+ year battle with the USPTO, self-anointed patent system savior IBM got a less-than-impressed USPTO Examiner's final rejection overruled in June and snagged US Patent No. 7,457,767 Tuesday for its Pay at the Table System. From the patent: 'Though US Pat. No. 5,933,812 to Meyer, et al. discussed previously provides for an entire table of patrons to pay the total bill using a credit card, including the gratuity, it does not provide an ability for the check to be split among the various patrons, and for those individual patrons to then pay their desired portion of the bill. This deficiency is addressed by the present invention.'"

Submission + - Pop-up porn case closes with plea deal (

vvaduva writes: "The case of Julie Amero, a Connecticut substitute teacher is now wrapped up with a plea deal in which she lost her teaching license and agreed to a single charge of disorderly conduct, a misdemeanor. Throughout the case, Security professionals have strongly criticized the lack of knowledge of the expert witnesses used by the prosecution and the state attorney's long delay in deciding whether to retry the case. The prosecutors have since admitted their mistake and the case was overturned on appeal, but not before the defendant served 16 months in prison."

Piano Left in Woods Stumps Police Screenshot-sm 6

A tuned and perfectly working piano abandoned in the woods has Harwich, Mass. police baffled. The piano was discovered Saturday by a woman walking along a path inside a conservation area. It took more than a half dozen men to haul it out of the woods and load it onto a truck. This is why it's best to pick a smaller instrument if you're going to run a bard. Almost every bard plays a lute for a reason. Police said they've notified other police departments in the area to see if anyone has reported a missing piano.

Symantec Reports Spate of Attacks Via Recent Windows Flaw 56

Surprised Giraffe writes "Symantec is warning of a sharp jump in online attacks that appear to be targeting a recently patched bug in Microsoft's Windows operating system, an analysis that some other security companies disputed. Symantec raised its Threat Con security alert level from one to two because of the attacks, with two denoting 'increased alertness.' The attacks spotted by Symantec target a flaw in the Windows Server Service that Microsoft says could be exploited to create a self-copying worm attack."

Lenovo Service Disables Laptops With a Text Message 257

narramissic writes "Lenovo plans to announce on Tuesday a service that allows users to remotely disable a PC by sending a text message. A user can send the command from a specified cell phone number — each ThinkPad can be paired with up to 10 cell phones — to kill a PC. The software will be available free from Lenovo's Web site. It will also be available on certain ThinkPad notebooks equipped with mobile broadband starting in the first half of 2009. 'You steal my PC and ... if I can deliver a signal to that PC that turns it off, hey, I'm good now,' said Stacy Cannady, product manager of security at Lenovo. 'The limitation here is that you have to have a WAN card in the PC and you must be paying a data plan for it,' Cannady added."
Hardware Hacking

Submission + - MSI Wind U100 with Liquid Nitrogen! (

james writes: "What do you get when you combine a MSI Wind U100 notebook with liquid nitrogen? The new Intel Atom frequency World Record... and some damn cool pictures! A large copper put is used, sitting on top of the gpu and chipset, and cold transfer through the original heatsink plate to the cpu. This was cooled down to about -20 to achieve the new world mark. Intel Atom N270 @ 2315mhz — For more information you can check out the original forum thread at"
Social Networks

Submission + - I think I just modded myself up. ( 1

tjstork writes: "There seems to be some kind of a bug or something in slashdot where I was able to mod up my own thread. When I log into "my page" to marvel at my bad karma, I can mod my own articles up, and I swear I even got a karma boost for modding up a rejected submission. Can you please fix this and bring back the old page? I worked hard to get my bad karma, and I didn't mean to screw it up so capriciously."
Operating Systems

Submission + - Desktop Linux Will Never Succeed Without Best Buy (

An anonymous reader writes: Tom's Hardware has a feature titled State of the Personal Computer, where they look at Windows's diminishing market share, and OS X and Linux's rising market share. They have a great discussion of Windows and OS X, and make a great argument on why Desktop Linux has yet to succeed. They argue that Desktop Linux will only work if a store like Best Buy and Geek Squad get involved with an Apple Store like experience. Great read.

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