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Submission + - Agile Scrum: Delivering Broken Software since 1991 (

sheriff_p writes: Agile Scrum should be an absolute huge win for developers and managers alike. Too often though, when push comes to shove, it devolves in to a brutal machine for killing code quality and irritating developers. This article discusses the right way to fix that, and how activist developers can effect change.

The World's Smallest Legible Font 280

hasanabbas1987 writes "From the article: 'Well 'technically' they aren't the smallest fonts in the world as if they were you wouldn't be able to read even a single letter, but, you should be able to read the entire paragraph in the picture given above... we did. A Computer science professor called Ken Perlin designed these tiny fonts and you can fit 500 reasonable words in a resolution of 320 x 240 space. There are at the moment the smallest legible fonts in the world.'"

Comment Re:Trent 900's dont worry me, (Score 1) 332

It's the safety aspect that will stop this ever being a problem, realistically.

You can't land an unsafe plane in Europe. They won't let you:

Don't be amazed when Boeing and Airbus lobby the shit out of the EU to declare all Chinese-made aircraft unsafe. Problem solved.

Comment Re:Invisibility means no readers (Score 1) 454

I think you're mostly right here.

If I enjoyed reading The Times like I enjoy reading The Guardian, The New York Times, and The Economist, and they made a half-decent iPad/iPhone app for it, I'd subscribe and not look back. Easily worth £2 a week, which seems to be their pricing model. And while I currently get my news from the first two for free (and subscribe to the dead-tree version of the third), if they want to start charging me £2 a week for it, I'll be first in line to pay.

Comment Explanation of "UFO" sightings, but not EBEs (Score 1) 269

Perhaps this explains the "UFO" sightings by aviation crew and some astronauts? I would suspect that as one increases their altitude, they increase their odds of experiencing such an occurrence: with a statistical spike as one approaches/escapes the earth's atmosphere. As such this could even cause a "mass hallucination".

. . .

But that doesn't explain, in any way at all, the Nordic-type EBEs looking back through the portholes, and miming: "Please stop exploding those nasty, contaminating, nuclear devices on your planet! They are affecting our transmission of Magnetic Hallucinations direct to your cranial stimulus centers, and blocking our essential message!"

Comment Re:Where else (Score 1) 363

That's not from lack of awareness. That's from both fear and lack of access to medical treatment. Are you aware of the cost of things like mammograms? How do you expect the average American without health insurance to swing inspections like that? And if they *can,* then they have to overcome the "if I don't know about it, it's not real" thinking. Increasing awareness won't help either of those things. Increasing access to medical testing facilities and improving detection methods to in-clinic abilities would help that.

Comment Re:GUI applications (Score 1) 304

No, you're wrong.

True: it's very fast to deploy a dynamic web-page with PHP, and all the complexity of request handling are hidden. This is PHP's killer feature. This + a large number of pre-written open-source applications is the ONLY benefit PHP has over almost any other dynamic language.

Don't get me wrong - it's a HUGE benefit. It's a huge enough benefit that people are willing to work with PHP in order to have it. But it's really the only one. Everything else about PHP is bloated, inconsistent, and poorly designed when compared to its cousins (Python, Perl, Ruby, etc).


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